Sunday, September 30, 2007

He's with me?

You might be curious why I put Stuart way over on the right side of the cradle.

For a very practical/Paige reason. he he.

Last night Benjamin got up about 1 am and needed to go to the bathroom. I woke up to take him and was surprised to find Stuart next to me. I honestly didn't remember waking up to get him or even what time I had. Scary. I had no idea he was next to me and I panicked a little--what if I had rolled on him--or James had.... I'll need to evaluate my laying down nursing skills.

Yesterday we went family room furniture shopping as a family which was really ridiculous. At Bassett the sales lady showed me a beautiful couch that I sat on and then asked if I could feed Stuart on it. She left us alone for awhile and James and I were able to discuss options in a furniture setting. They were having a friends and family sale so 25% off everything--but 25% off of very expensive is still expensive.

My parents flew to Florida for a week to drive down and camp and swim in the Keys. How fun is that? We stopped by Marie Callendars (5.99 any whole pie the month of October) yesterday and bought a Key Lime Pie to pig out on because it was snowing here and they were beach hiking in 80 degree weather there. We also have Reggie, their bird who used to be our bird, for the week. The kids are in heaven. Benjamin flies around like a little bird flapping his wings

Monday, September 24, 2007

My brother, Tom took these shots right before the boy was born. I am so impressed. I'm having a hard time finding frames I like (and can afford 4 of) for above the stairwell--I think I might try and make something. Anyone ever made big frames before?
Stuart is so fussy after he eats. It's really a crap shoot what's wrong with a fussy new born. It could be anything.. or nothing. I think the honeymoon is over. My house was clean laundry caught up on... and Stuart used to sleep a lot. Now reality is setting in. So I've diagnosed him with overactive letdown reflux I'm now just feeding a long time on one side but he seems real fussy still. It's a wash with these new ones.
Paige is getting molars and James joined me last night a couple of times to console her. Such a good guy. There's no way I could get up for anyone but Stuart right now. I'm surviving. Maybe tonight will be better.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Photography session sneak peek!

Today I went and had some pictures done with the Boy. I was very apprehensive because I feel and look like such a caterpillar in my all black non maternity clothes. But look at this sneak peek! I was not worried about the boy. He is a stellar kid and such a cutie. I need to put in a plug for Marisa. Her link is on the page and she is just amazing. I'm so excited to see the rest. Stuart is two weeks and one day old. Yesterday we went to see the Dr. for his check up and he's up to 9 lbs! Such a nursing champ. And we've figured out how to nurse laying down. I'll get so much more sleep now.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

First Bath!

We gave Stuart his first bath a week ago in the bathroom sink. Addie was a the photographer and she loved it! As you can see Stuart had an entirely different attitude.

He actually only screamed first entering the water. Then he was somewhat content. Oh he is so cute. I can't tell which of my kids he looks like. When he cries he looks a lot like Ben but other that he really has his own look.

Here he his all cleaned up!

We're doing really well. I'm still amazed how good I feel. I'm trying to swing a survivor nap about 2:00 every day. Addie is at kindergarten, Paige and Stuart will sleep. My dilemma has been Benjamin. He sometimes will fall right to sleep after stories, other times he moans and bangs toys and it's driving me crazy. He can last the evening too if he has a nap so my incentive is great to get him to sleep. I've thought about chasing him around the basement to wear him out right before stories. I might try that tomorrow.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Home and Doing Well!

This was the sign I put out last Sunday to let the world know we were open for business. After it went up: A whole plate of cc cookies and banana cake with carmel frosting stopped in (along with some very thoughtful neighbors). It was Sunday afternoon but still, they must have known a nursing mother needs sustenance!

A word on the nursing. Even though it's my fourth baby to nurse, there are still some things that need to be invented. Like an epidural for engorged nursehers. DNA restructuring that would clue in the nurshers how much milk to make for a two day old baby. Not 8 ounces! Finally a bra that simulates zero gravity. A side note on the terminology of nurseher. It came from Benjamin--when I nursed Paige. I would say, "I need to nurse her." Ben then commented one day on my nursehers. I must be grateful that I have lots of milk. I would be stressed if I didn't as well.

Addie and Daddy came to pick us up from the hospital. Addie held Stuart while I got dressed and James loaded up the car.
Now is this a proud brother or what? Benjamin suggested when he was crying that he needed to get on the floor and crawl around to feel better. So innocent.
Now I was very concerned about Paige before we had Stuart just because she is so much of a baby herself but my worries were in vain. Paige has come into herself and is laughing and smiling and growing in leaps and bounds. Maybe she just needed the nudge of a younger sibling to help her join the older kids in playing, and eating and helping with the baby. Here she is just laughing and going down the slide. Her temperament has turned sweet and helpful and obedient. (If she knows what I'm asking)
And here is the star of the show these days. He has been so yellow I've been giving him little sun treatments on the floor of his room in the mornings. Along with trying to feed him every three hours. I tried to get a picture of him looking intelligent--but even in this one he's concerned about something. Maybe he's worried the milk will run out (not a chance little buddy).

As for me...I feel GREAT! I'm comparing my postpartum to Paige and how long it took me to feel good again (about 6 months). I regret none of the major nesting I did before. It's so nice to walk into rooms and look under beds and see NOTHING! (thank you new carpet) To open bedroom closets and see empty space for future needs. To have a freezer full of future meals. And maybe because I was so active right up until the end, that has made all the difference in recovery. It was a miracle I have to acknowledge that. My doctor and nurse were surprised my previous condition didn't return. Thank you to everyone that has supported our little family along. We're doing great!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Day of rest and today I'm coming home

Here are Addie and Ben riding the hospital bed with me. They each had a side button to push making it go up and down. The highlight of the evening.

The kids were so cute when they came to see him. Benjamin has one voice volume but started talking high and soft when he held him.

"oh, he's sleepy"

Addie is going to be a great older sister. She's going to help Paige not to poke Stuart's eyes like she does with Bitty Baby. Paige just seems so gigantic compared to baby Stu and she's just 14 months.

Yesterday was a great day of rest. Stuart hung out with me all day and we napped and ate and napped and ate. We're figuring out nursing and I was sore from some bad attempts but then last night he/we just got it. My milk is in and he's loving that but I'm sure it'll only be day or two before I'm a volcano of lactation and I'll be trying to attach this little guy to a breast the size of a cantaloupe.

I'm going home today and I'm excited. I've had some wonderful nurses and some good midnight breaks of oreos and milk, but I'm ready! Thanks for all your comments and for following the blog. It's been really fun to let the world know of these events. We are so lucky to know so many great folk who are so willing to help. Hopefully I can post some photos of the boy with his eyes open. If you're around drop by so you can hold the most beautiful newborn at the moment. I'm a little partial right now though.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

He's all cleaned up...

This labor was great. About 2:15 I felt some intense pressure and I was at a 7! 10 minutes later, a 10 and I was ready to push. 1 contraction and 2 pushes and he was out! And so cute. He didn't scream a whole lot but he's perfect and beautiful. He's fair with light hair. Here he is getting ready to take a bath. I just tried to upload more photos but the connection isn't working so maybe later. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers and comments. It's been a fantastic day. I'm so blessed.

It's a Boy!!!!

Stuart James came into this world at 2:48pm. He weighed in at 8 pounds 6 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long. He is doing great!

Grape Ice

It's going a little slow. The grape Ice chips are fantastic. I'm trying not to be hungry but I am. I had a good discussion with nurse Pegah about all good foods and take out. She's on weight watchers. It looks like it is going to be 3:00pm before I have this baby. I was hoping it was going to be sooner. We're just waiting for my body to take over the contractions and for the little guy to descend down.

I truly am blessed to be so calm and happy during this whole show. Can't wait!

Cherry Ice

They just brought in some cherry ice and it is just like eating a snow cone. Nora says that she might come back just for the cherry ice.

The contractions are pretty regular and Nora thinks the baby will be born by 1pm. My prediction is 2:30pm. You can post your own prediction in a comment if you want.


Sweet relief. Throw my leg back on the bed I have an epidural. Things are progressing along at a slow rate but they are progressing. Nora's hope is that the baby will come before dinner.
Ghost Written by James

9:00 AM Thursday September 6, 2007

Good Morning! It's a great day for a baby right? We're here at the women's center already hooked up to everything and ready to go. Dr. Lloyd came in and broke my water. We dropped the kids off at mom's this morning and didn't account for traffic. My nurse, Pegah, said parents with kids are always late when getting induced--first timers are early. Well we fit that mold really well. So far there are contractions but nothing consistent. We'll keep posting until Stuart James comes.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Counting Down

I cleaned all day on Monday so sure that I would have the baby that night. It didn't do anything but make me sick of cleaning and I've tapered my itinerary. I'll be induced Thursday morning if I haven't gone on my own yet. Here's hoping for one more day.
I went to the dentist this morning and the dentist asked when I was due. I told him Saturday and he said, "well let's get you out of here fast, I don't have any stirrups on these chairs...." He filed down a very unnoticeable snaggle tooth and now I feel like a rock star with my even, shiny teeth. The hygienists both were a bag of rocks. They had nothing but oh no's for this next baby. Their comments: "I don't know how you'll nurse, you'll get him latched on and Paige will get into something... good luck you'll have your hands full... You're going to feel so cooped up... and the winter's coming... you won't be going out side.... " Well thanks for filling my bucket gals but I'll be alright.
Now how will Paige adjust? This really is my one worry. She seems so sensitive but decisive at the same time I fear her world will just combust, (it will) but she's so young anyway maybe she won't notice. Any advice?
Almost everything is ready. I'm making 4 lasagnas as I write this. I've never cooked so much before a baby but I'm banking on this being my saving grace for the next month. These are the meals in the freezer already. 3 sloppy joes, 3 hamburgers, 4 pizza sauces, 1 crock pot chicken, 2 beef stroganoffs, 1 spaghetti, 2 tacos and finally 4 lasagnas. I might try chicken enchiladas tomorrow if I can get to the store tonight for chicken.