Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Find me some time

I really love the internet and our replay tv (like tivo). Yesterday, I spent the afternoon on facebook, reading blogs from Google reader (such a time saver;), checking emails, reading my good reads updates and checking my "tabs". I made dinner and then watched Chuck and Eli Stone (it's a winner). But I've run into a bit of a problem--there just wasn't any time to fold any laundry, finish painting the front door, start and finish Benjamin's robot costume, and read with Addie, let alone wean Stuart from his bottle, rip out the front flower beds, get ready for preschool, call and coordinate book club dinner and shop for a new kitchen faucet.
No, really, does anyone have this snowballing issue? What do I do? Do I need a timer?. I will consider all suggestions to solve this current "problem".

Addie with Santa when she was about 9 months. You know... the 4th folder tag....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I never blogged about these babies but I had intentions...hence the pictures. We planted a white peach tree last year and it gave us one peach. This year we got twenty! Following this math I can expect 200 or 20,000 next year and either way I can't wait till this delicious goodness comes back. I'm convinced that the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden was a nicely chilled white peach at the peak of ripeness. There's no way I would have been able to resist.
And to add yet another distraction to my life I've joined face book. I don't really get it yet--I'm sure it's because I'm used to blogging where you find blasts and oodles of info immediately-- but with face book it looks and feels like a year book. Who wants to go back to high school? Give me time--I've found blogs through it and that's fun fun fun!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I left my heart....

Oh I couldn't resist.... In SAN FRANCISCO! I really wanted to tell you all about it... even though I've been home almost two weeks! It was GREAT except I was sick the whole time. Bummer...James was a trooper, though I was not my usual peppy least I got to sleep. Here are our digs...Nice eh? And so close to the water--On Fisherman's Wharf--tourist central.
James on the F line trolley train. We rode public transportation the whole time and we were only disappointed once when a cable car never came. This is the Bay Bridge!
And some funky art off Embarcadero street.
We went to Alcatraz! The island isn't very far, only about a mile and a half, so the ferry ride was short and sweet. There is only an audio tour of the jailhouse which makes sense...who really likes to listen to a "tour guide" or "stay with the group" anyway?
James and I would listen and then pause it to take pictures and talk. It wasn't creepy like I thought it would be--I just kept thinking, "well if I had to go to jail, why not an island surround by beautiful water and a pretty city? Oh and I planned an escape too... I was obsessed with eating because I had been so sick with a sore throat before I left, I was hungry! But the sore throat stuck around so we ordered chowda'--at Boudin (bow-dean) sourdough bread cafe and it was heavenly--I could taste this through the Cepacol numbing throat drops.
We went to a Giants game--the stadium was huge but we left around the 6th inning when the Giants were down 15 to 3. The one full day James and I had together we rented bikes and biked the bay shore trail. I'm out of words to describe this experience. You all know how I love to bike...and the ocean was so calming... and with James...and no schedule... perfect? yes. The ride was a little tough because I had been so sick (again with the illness? we know--you were sick already, get on with it!) but so worth it. Where we started from, the bridge was so far away...but it got closer at every stop. The bridge was high but I didn't feel it sway. We did see crisis telephones in case we had felt like jumping. What an angle...We finished the 16 miles in a little town called Tiburon. We had a while to wait for the ferry to take us back to the city so we ate.
I wish this was in better focus because it was sooooo good. It was "the special", grilled fish with pesto, arugula, red pepper, on sourdough....
In my drugged state I enjoyed it to the last bite! Did it taste so good because of the long ride, the beautiful ocean side cafe, or the slathering of butter on all sides of the bread? All three.
CABLE CARS are lagoon kiddy rides for adult tourists. I could go back and just ride these all day! That night we went out to eat and rode the cable car to Capps Corner.
I ordered..... It smelled so good... I couldn't taste much due to a head cold that was moving in, but doesn't it look good?
We rode the cable cars to Union Square and saw these guys. James' shirt from the conference makes the shot, that even other tourist took pictures of him.
On the last day went to a fun science museum, The Exploratorium . Would you be able to take a drink? For the record, James just posed for the shot.... This is Lombard street--the most crooked street. Cars are only allowed to drive down the street. We just jumped off the cable car...and then jumped back on the next one that came by. Sweet.
This is what people refer to the when they talk about he "small" Sky West planes. The planes are fine, it's the bathroom that will conk your head if you're taller than 5'10".
We also attended a session at the Oakland temple, which was a great foot to start the trip on. We went to China town and ordered Dim Sum from the Chinese "soup nazi".
sn: "Dine in or take out?"
me: "Oh, I think we'll stay here...?
sn: "Dine in or take out?"
me: "here?"
sn: "Dine in or take out?"
me: "Dine in!"
sn: "fill out paper to order!"
So we consulted Frommers and had a tasty lunch of meat dumplings and sticky sweet rice with chicken. Props for Frommers travel guide--we went off a bunch of suggestions from that book and it was a winner every time. From eats to was right on!

It was a trip of a life time! I say that because of all the scheduling we did to get us there together without the kids, it'll be a while before we can pull off something like this again. I didn't even know it was destination for us but it sure feels meant to be now. Fate...patience...memories...