Monday, February 24, 2014

It’s like a bomb’s gone off…stuff everywhere…

We don't know whether to stare out the window (like we’ve never seen mountains, lakes or trains) or plow through boxes.  We both have felt the “are we really living here?—I can’t believe we live here!—Is this our life?” thoughts.  

So far so good.  Tuesday I registered the kids for school and then took them all to IKEA and the junk store.  Wednesday was the first day of school but I took no pictures, it was their 3rd, first day this year, after all.  By Friday Adelaide was groaning that I was walking them (and pj boys in the jogger) to school, “Oh, so embarrassing.”  Now I call that a successful school transition!   

So far the biggest hit with the kids has been the park across the street, where there are hills to scooter on, and friends to find.  Except when it snows..but it didn’t stick around for long.    IMG_1843

Our routine is abysmal, and the upstairs has turned into a daycare, with toys spread out everywhere.  When do we clean those up? Huge shoulder shrugs…But honestly a daycare, they are so happy to have their own space, they have pretty much just left us (me and James) alone to enjoy (stare at boxes and the mountains) the downstairs.

IMG_1834Lest you think it’s all work and no exhaustion let me tell you about the doctor appointment I slept through, on Friday morning, on purpose.  His office called to reschedule; the doctor was heading out of town next week…So one Vanilla Coke Zero later and I found myself in the shower and then asleep again on his little exam table.  We joked how nice it would be to be able to allocate a stimulant for a certain area of your body, or for a certain particular activity.  I set a pr in gaining as well, 7 lbs in 2 weeks… lots of drive throughs and nutella knives to put up those kind of numbers.  Oh and the bruiser that I’m growing…  Names floating around this week are Cameron or McKay…thoughts? 

James had another cortisone shot into his neck on Thursday.  It felt really good for a few days, but boxes and reality started Saturday night and now life sucking nerve pain is back.  Maybe you’ve lost your will to live with chronic pain?  If you have, I’m so sorry, he’s sorry, we’re all just sorry—but he’s a young buck—it can’t last forever…

We had our first sit down meal on Saturday night!  Real plates, water glasses, silverware and food on the table.  Nothing says we’re in this for the long haul like homemade macaroni and cheese and roasted cauliflower. IMG_1849 IMG_1854

And we’re now Costco members…a living social deal I caved at when I saw I had paypal money…I know, what took so long right?  We went for date night on Saturday night and with my price per ounce brain, all I came away with was toilet paper, and I think what sold me on that, was how much is on a roll.  425 SHEETS!  Costco’s joy is in the convenience and the awesome….to be continued for sure.   

Sushi stopped by and brought famous ├ęclairs from the local Dicks Market bakery, for which I’m not totally versed in.  They were delish and reminded me of all the receptions I went to as a kid and Sue of throwing a truly elegant party.  When the kids got home they asked if they could eat a declare.  They’re not well versed either. 

Grant from the KSL morning radio show, Grant and Amanda, is in our bishopric, nice guy, with great conducting skills : )

I went to a shower for my cousin Carly who is having her first boy.  I saw and laughed with all my aunties, and cousins, who are such gems!  I come from an amazing family…    IMG_1848One of the talks in church on Sunday suggested living the gospel like an Olympic athlete trains for an event.  8+ hrs a day, 6 days a week, for years…  I’ve been thinking about what kinds of experiences I could expect if my efforts were “Olympic”? 

Everyone is so excited to have kids move into the neighborhood/ward, “the primary is getting so small!”  We’re not telling them it’s bigger than the last three primaries we’ve been in, and another blue and gold banquet this week!  Super BONUS!              

PS.  These last three weeks have been amazing on Project(s)Connect.  Friends are doing stuff and sharing!  If you need something good to read first thing of the day, like me (or dr. office reading/bedtime reading)  pop in and read a few entries.  The comments are great as well!   

Monday, February 17, 2014


      This week was one where I checked off activities so that move day would come.IMG_1773

Sunday: Vanessa and Jen came with kids to eat pasta and nobakes and sleep over!  They skied Monday, the very best day of the year…next year girls, my boots and gaiter will be donned again!

Monday:  We walked through the house and left a trail of blue tape for drywall, paint touch ups and a few other details (a non dented dishwasher). 

I had a moment sitting on the stairs after everyone else had left.  It was a next phase feeling, really…we’ll be here when the kids and our family will gain, loose, see, land, experience, grow, decided, tread, step, move, feel, feel, and feel.  The nouns that come after these verbs are as many as the stars.  I’m not communicating this sentiment right, so just know there was a “moment”.    

Tuesday:  Closing.  James signed “James D” more than 50 times while Isaac and I sat with the bowl of candy, refreshing drinks, adding lighthearted commentary and inquiry where needed.  I’m on the deed.  We then split a Five Guys burger and Canjan style fries.  The lender is the one smiling… IMG_1770

Wednesday:  Lunch with the best of friends in West Jordan… Thanks for hosting Mylinda!  Also The Blue and Gold Banquet!   photo booth

benwithwigstuasabug Thursday:  Packing and cleaning.  Donna came and we made quick work of the kitchen and the fridge!  Love that girl and her babies.  Although I should have been a little more disciplined later in the day because the floor did not get done.  So sorry cabin, I will miss the views, and relaxed state I always found myself in while living there.  Also the ladybug colony in the south facing master window.  

Friday:  Valentine’s Day/Move Day  Paige, had a special pal party for me at school.  She’s had an amazing teacher for 2 1/2 months.IMG_1780We loaded up and drove to the new house to sleep on the floor and realize we had no toilet paper.   And a huge thank you to my parents for bringing all our boxes down that morning. 

Saturday:  The truck was loaded and unloaded twice by family and friends and new neighbors too!  Lots of hauling and  reviewing of what I kept; and I thought I had purged so much, well it’s all here now.  Thank you and sorry for all the hernias and slipped discs.    IMG_1809IMG_1817IMG_1810IMG_1781

Sunday:  An attorney taught gospel doctrine with legal size paper word strips!  He asked at the end, what’s your take away from this lesson (Abram and patriarchal blessings and the charge to share the word)?  I like questions like that. 

We’re going to like it here.    

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kolay’s Cinnamon Syrup

This recipe came from my sister Vanessa’s, sister in law, Kolay.  I was out of butter, trying to make caramel buttermilk syrup and made this instead.  It’s a winner. 
1/4 cup water
1 cup sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup corn syrup
Boil for two minutes and then add 1/2 cup cream.  Great on pancakes and waffles.  

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tidbits and updates

This week I made 3 trips to Salt Lake and Centerville.  A lot was happening to the house, and, well, how indeed could all the subs finish without my weight shifting gaze and presence?  Details!  Lighting, holes for a soap pump, hardy board color and trim, laundry chute activity, wrong range (oh but you knew that?), wrong laundry sink (you knew that too?, I’m just trying to be helpful), house number in the wrong order (oh, you didn’t know about that?  well good thing I was here:).



Benjamin tracked off earlier than the rest of the kids from school here.  One might say I let him quit, but he put in two and a half months...and until we move he's hauling wood, taking county map quizzes, doing flashcards, Book of Mormon chapter summaries, chess class with Grandma and typing practice.  Call it!077096074076

Isaac watching cement being poured at Grandma Christy’s.  He loves her kitty collection too.  Recess…

Adelaide and Paige do not waste movie/TV time.  They start a movie at 5:30 and set an alarm for 5:59 so they have a minute to switch over to Brady Bunch.  They watch the first episode and then switch back to the movie from 6:24 – 6:29 and then Brady Bunch until 6:54 and then back to the movie until I call for dinner.  Mary Poppins took three days to watch, Swiss Family Robinson, four.  

Movies & reviews for me and James this week:

  • James Bond, Skyfall. Eye roll.  The whole movie to protect Ma’am and she dies anyway. 
  • Captain Philips. Intense.  Tom Hanks does shock and trauma well. 
  • The Tourist. Another eye roll.  Angelina is pretty to watch, however I fell asleep two minutes before the (twist of an) ending. 

I ate lunch with Krissy and she told me all about her trip to Costa Rica.  Did you know I went there last February?  In fact, a year ago today I was soaking in the Hot Volcanic Springs of Tabacon in the Arenal Volcanic region of the La Fortuna area.  (straight from my line a day journal)  I need to do a write up about it, because I’m starting to forget, and it’s been one of our best trips.  191

Do you need an answer to socks that make it through the laundry cycle with holes?  This one’s a winner.  1.  Dampen the clean, holy, sock with water from the next load you’re filling.  2.  Wipe down the entire washer and dryer and throw the filthy sock away.  In stoic nobility the sock is fulfilling its final duty before meeting its demise.   Oh never mind?  Your holy socks never make it through a cycle?  Your washer and dryer are lint and liquid detergent splatter free?  nice.

Tom and Kim made us sushi!  Delicious.  I had to work hard for this appointment, hitting up multiple times and worming my way into their schedule.  “Tom, when are you going to make me sushi?”  But             where else do I eat endless California rolls with Sriracha mayo and eel sauce, yes and pass the crunchy onions too? (Smith’s grocery at dinner time but it’s not endless, in fact it’s just a bite) Bentley talked Benjamin into trying one.  That’s something!


We went to our new ward on Sunday.  James was very excited, talking about neighbors and shaping futures and all.  I tried to stay aloof, refusing to remember and acknowledge how much the village helps and nurtures families who all worship together.  We met super nice folks, excited to meet us and find out the ages of our kids.  We’ll be a good fit; we’ve already increased their primary by 20%. 081

We had a bunch of snow over the weekend and it was great for building a snowman, which is what Adelaide did first thing Saturday morning.  Also, suiting up in snow clothes is easier than getting dressed so she could eat breakfast. 

Monday, February 03, 2014

Bears for Direction, and Updates

Our whole family spoke in church last week.  And while I blathered on and on about me, and myself, and, Oh, “let me tell you a little more of me…” I left James 6 minutes to give his talk.  He shared this story:
Right after we were married we were hiking in Grand Teton National Park with some friends (Robyn and Dave M) and we were headed to Amphitheater Lake.  The trail has a fork in it, one way goes to the lake, the other goes to a bolder field/meadow with a trail that most take to climb The Grand.   
As we were heading up switchbacks getting closer and closer to the lake we were met with descending hikers telling us there were bears on the trail and they had decided to turn around.  Having seen bears before, and as a bell man, given the job to go scare bears away from the lodge where I worked, we were not impressed with the hikers that had turned back.  We forged ahead, meeting other ascending hikers on the trail to stick with while making a lot of noise hoping to frighten it away. 
Closer to the lake than the fork our group of about 10 now, encountered mamma black bear and her cub, sitting right on the trail, aware of hikers, and not budging.  Immediately our judgment and resolve dissolved and we turned around and headed to the bolder field.  We ate lunch, relaxed and hiked down with sweeping views of Garnet Canyon and Jackson’s Hole, all while laughing at the bear incident. 
In this life there are plenty of choices we make confidently while passing forks and fore warnings.  And when the bears won't move, changing directions can be our only option, and acceptance (not anger and frustration) of the “alternate journey” from the originally planned one can lead to joy and peace.    
How about that?  Great 6 minute talk eh?  Adelaide wrote her whole talk about positive experiences she’s had completing her Faith In God booklet.  Benjamin told the story of Jesus on a boat calming the wild waters.  Paige told the story of Daniel, praying and being saved when put into the lion’s den.  Stuart told the story of the Jaredites crossing the ocean with the glowing stones.  Since he doesn’t read yet, I drew pictures:img001 
On Monday James had an MRI and a cortisone shot in his neck to treat wretched shoulder nerve pain.  Both were not fun but hopefully an answer.  Jury’s still out.  IMG_1664
Ben got new glasses on Monday too from Dr. John’s office.  He looks great. 

Meredith and her family came for a visit!  She’s the one who used to listen to all my food confessionals when we’d run.  With 8 inches of new snow we sledded, built Olaf and ate.  Isaac stayed away from the sledding hill, but kept his head face down in the fluff to eat it.  Everyone ate the new snow.
 063 060066065  IMG_1690
This coat zips, thankfully.  Meredith had no problem zipping her matching coat, (we had great taste 10 years ago) or tugging her Luke.  
057     Overheard:    After waffles on Saturday morning, Isaac said,  “so sticky, look, I can’t clap!”   During lunch one day, “ I’m going to be a daddy and have a mustache.”064
Saturday date night James and I split the WAC hamburger at the Hi Mountain Drug.  Meat, ham, iceberg lettuce, pickles and ranch.  I added tomato and onions to my half.  Delicious with root beer in a frozen mug.  Leggings!
We are super itchy to get into the new house.  This week, the stucco’s close, the tiling is done, rain glass installed around the shower, and it’s masked off to paint.  089074
Addicted to this pizza but make it the first way, with pesto.  As part of my nesting, I bought thirty pounds of pasta, came home and boxed, taped and labeled it.  What’s the rush from .50 pasta?  I can’t explain it.

NEW gorgeous baby alert.  James’ brother Paul and Cassie had a new baby and we attended her blessing.  Alexia Ireland did not cry, and was not launched too high by the attentive loving priesthood holders.
I’m extremely excited about Project(s)Connect 2014.  So far 3 very cool projects have been highlighted, watch for another 40 or so more, one or two a day, throughout the month.  It’s real people, doing real things they want to get done, visit and leave some encouragement (a comment).