Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Last Week’s Colors

We went to see the Hatch’s last week just to eat rainbow bananas (banana chunks dunked in various flavors of powdered Jello--ingenious)—And to visit and reconnect with Jennifer and her crew as well.    We added our pineapple to the bananas and talked.  Jennifer even changed a blow out of Mr. Ike’s and didn’t even bat a lash when I confessed I had no extra clothes.  A blow out I tell you!  


Right before leaving we snapped a few photos.  Jennifer, I swear this was the best one—and look at me with only one eye showing.  You, Addie, and Ike’s bare legs look great!

 014 And the kids…  personalities in full demonstration.  Am I right? 


Great Memories of Jennifer--

1  She was in charge of me after Charlotte’s stillbirth.  She called, asked and even planted seeds with me in memory.  We’ve been friends ever since.  

2.   Her Ideas! such as frozen strawberries for ice cubes in lemonade.   Many one liners for my Christmas cards came from her brain.  She can recycle anything even making a stick pony made out of old jeans for Adelaide.  She’ll garden till it’s dark and contributes to the Back Yard Farming Blog regularly.  Like I said, she has great ideas.         


Jenny,(it’s what her husband calls her) you’re one in a million.   


And this little endearing turkey got lost this afternoon.  After 15 minutes of mild panic I found him in the Pilot, locked, asleep, kneeling on the floor of the back seat, head on the seat.  It was the third time I checked the car.