Sunday, September 27, 2009

Miss Strassburg

I attended the General Women's Conference in downtown Salt Lake on Saturday night and my experience was two fold.

First--that Julie Beck, is one amazing teacher and leader. How many times did she mention "faith based work"? Being reminded about that, and the calling I have to be a visiting teacher/friend to those in my ward, it was all I could do not to take bread, make running dates, and plan ambushes to see them. I'm shooting for 100% but of course I'm focusing on my people, not percentages.

Second--While leaving I rode the escalator with Miss Strassburg. She had been in my thoughts lately as a person I'd like to someday thank for making a lasting impression--but how?--she was my junior high choir teacher, long retired and originally from New York. And all of a sudden, there she was, hugging me, asking about marriage, kids, my family/siblings, my parents. What could I do but ride down and tell her that she should have had a party when she retired because I would have come.
She's still amazing. Since retirement she did a 5 year personal family history mission, worked as a personal assistant to an entrepreneur, and now does church service in various forms such as direct choirs for the church--all over. Vanessa, I told her you saw her at your regional conference. She was happy you were so happy to see her. She said West Lake (my junior high) kids are spread out all over the world! And that the Lord always sends one when she needs it, "I must have needed it tonight," she said.
She did some amazing things as my teacher. One She made me feel like I was her favorite, and she was counting on me to pull the choir through and make her day by doing my best. She made everyone feel this way...everyone. Two She directed musicals ever year that were HUGE. Three She let a group of us groupies eat lunch in her office/classroom every day of my ninth grade year. She called us "the lunch bunch". She threw a party at her apartment and invited the lunch bunch to eat ice cream and go to the MoTab Christmas concert with her--a short walk away, she's in the same ward as the prophet... Four She pretty much kept me singing and hopeful all through Jr. High!

Where can I find one of her for Addie, Ben, Paige, & Stuart when they're entering puberty?

I taught 6th grade for a year and lunch was my salvation.

Jr. High teachers like her are one in a million--no--in this world. So thank you Miss Jennifer Strassburg for seeing me (last night and 23 years ago). Saturday night I went and felt the spirit of Jesus Christ throughout the meeting and while leaving I meant one who has served and embodied Him her whole life and I felt whole.

Friday, September 25, 2009

I can't find my camera and I'm paralyzed!

New niece Abigail Bethani arrived.

Had a bike fitting.

Sharon and Seth came to town.

We played at the Gateway water fountain.

I swapped food.

I crafted at Super Saturday--even taught the class.

With games, birthdays and a round of Grandma Christy's STAR BELLY Sneetches, I was ready to report on it all. But alas no photos and...........that was last week!

This week has been a ton of just house support, online shopping, and more preschool organization. The only thing I can offer you in this post is a birthday present idea. You know, the friend birthday parties that sneak up--even if the invitation is delivered a full week before--all of a sudden-- it's the day and what do you give for a present? I got this one from Family Fun--but a trip to McDonalds of course. Now the original idea was a play date to something fun, riding horses, go carts, pedicures..... but for my kids, Happy Meals with a toy has never had more appeal. And so this summer I printed this no less than FOUR times: and last night I cashed them all in--four friends, my four and choices, choices, choices.
Birthday Presents check
Bishopric night check
Economical check

and most of all fun.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hair, Bowls, and POW!

Every one said, "Congratulations".

But he didn't campaign.

He is James Mair.

He is the 2nd counselor in the Bishopric.

But congratulations in genuine-mormon-member-lingo really means, "I approve and support you in the new way that you will serve me". At least that's what I felt. Ya, it was said to me too. The member of the Stake Presidency told James Mair to kiss me "goodbye" on his way up to sit on the stand--and he did. Kissing at church? Husband on the stand? It's a different world than yesterday...
We all went for hair cuts at the Homer Salon Style and Therapy. Addie's is chin length with a bit of stacking sass going on in the back. Paige's bob was just trimmed, and for me, Brynn found natural curl with a diffuser and "product". She's a miracle worker.I found new bowls! They were labeled Ice Cream Bowls--but that won't stop me from eating cereal in them or ice cream or both for breakfast. Has anyone else ever done this? James Mair was appalled when we were first married.
Tai Pan--4 for $5! I bought 8.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Boy is TWO!

Do you remember when he was born?

He really is Two!

I present to you...
Boy, Finger, and Cone.
He started blowing during the song--he knew what to do. Thanks mom for this huge pile of cupcakes.
Just look at that little Stewy cheese. We took the long way home through Provo Canyon. We stopped at Bridal Veil Falls and with the rest of Provo, we enjoyed the coooooold water.

Let's talk about birthdays. Kim's new one is So Close to having her original.
Here, she and my brother Tom, are describing what sounded like a cat in her womb. And this little boy is a WEEK old! Robyn's little Wesley is thriving. He eats, sleeps and makes anyone who comes near, sigh with contentment and peace. And want to comb his hair.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Embracing The Tole Tree With Apples

Most of you know I teach preschool; eight years of preschool. I'm amazed myself. This week was crunch week for getting ready--class starts on Tuesday. Last night was the open house with lots of energy and shy smiles. With a not so shredded preschool, my kids tested out the school supplies this afternoon.
The glue lip...
The lefty, cuttin' with with his right...
And the die cutter. So a couple of hours before the open house I still had everything pulled out, dejunking, purging and organizing. Then I had a very adult thought:

"I don't want to be stressed trying to get everything put back."

It caught me of guard--when have I ever avoided stress? I produce my best work under pressure!

Behold the guest bedroom...

I now have two weeks until Sharon and Vanessa come!
You haven't missed Ben's eyes right? Can you see my camera?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hobby Turned Lucky

I started yardsaling when I started teaching preschool and was in need of toys. I liked finding a small treasure amongst junk and then I'd buy the junk too.

When we moved about three years ago I was disenchanted by stuff. I had too much of it. It was then that I realized I could stop my acquisitions by curtailing my hobby.

I'm starting my 8th year of preschool next week and I was hoping for some old parchute or an art easel that stored well. And against James' judgement (because when I left it was already 9 and any one who yardsales knows that "all the good stuff" is gone by 7:59) I went.

Behold 20 minutes, Two Yards, and $45! (and I'm including prices for Kim and Sharon because we always want to know a good deal) The whole get up, $30. The skis are a little long and not as fat as the latest and greatest model that Sports Authority rented me last year but all I can say is, "Hello Demo Tent" ehh Donna? The boots might be a little big, I'll know for sure, the first time I ski on them, if I can keep my heels down on turns.
The owner of this gem ($15) claimed it was an antique. I doubt that. It was just made before children were considered complete idiots and fun took priority over safety. I can't keep the kids off it.
I thought for sure someone would get ejected, smashed toes, or a bloody nose by now but its been nothing but cooperative fun. And by that I mean the kids have to be nice to each other to totter. You can't teeter solo.