Friday, August 28, 2009

Re-entering and Recycling

I have missed this.

It's the one thing I can't explain when asked why I stopped blogging (posting). Blogger's block, purpose and my voice have all haunted me. As well as my good old default of failure, If I can't do something well--um, I just won't try. But I love connections--they always bring me the most joy. And that's what I've missed. So I'm back, again, but with vim, to engage in connections and to record and note the notable.
We were TPed a few days ago. I counted three cardboard tubes and calculated more that a weeks supply for the kids bathroom. Look at Paige reuse.We started school! HURRAY! Can you guess which kids are not going to school?Adelaide, a 2nd grader, sporting an over the shoulder bag she requested 4 months ago.Benjamin's first day of Kindergarten. I didn't cry at the boo hoo breakfast the PTA threw but I did, yesterday, when the class lined up and his teacher lead them in a cheer. He's big now.

This week Adelaide has had a nasty viral infection with a temperature and sore throat. We're on day THREE now and it looks like she's on the mend but early this morning after a Motrin dosing, and an otter pop rejection, and a water run, and tissues, and bathroom help all in 15 minute incriments, I could not sleep. I had lists and plans hatching behind my eyes and my pillow was perpetually hot. My friend, Amber suggested to get up and write everything down and it worked. I jotted a page of BLAH and was rewarded with 2 1/2 hours of sleep.

Getting Ben's eyes off the blog was on the list! Happy Friday!