Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wanna Tri?

I signed up for the Women of Steel Triathlon next May. This race sells out really fast because they pass out chocolate at the finish line. No, really it’s because it’s the perfect beginners triathlon; a swim in a pool and no men. Do you have plans to do a triathlon? According to my sister Donna, you have to have a bunch of kids and want to get away from them, but that’s not the only reason to do one. IMG_0507IMG_0492

I did one in August of 2008 and surprised myself. I was hoping to just fit in and not be last. I liked the whole experience, especially the training and I now hold it, the triathlon, responsible for propelling me into…other things, painting, weight loss, more babies…. Things I did not think I could ever do. Maybe something else has been that catalyst for you. It’s powerful—no?

I’ll look for you at the finish line – while I'm gobbling up chocolate.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Lutherans Saved Christmas

Well… they saved the tree sniffing party. Our over the top delivered tree was never delivered – the order had been lost:( Monday night the Lutheran Church in Taylorsville advertised on KSL trees from their preschool fund raiser for sale. James Mair, deal sniffer and savior of many of my crisis’, picked up a 7 foot Noble Fir for $32. It’s beautiful and still drinking a quart a day. He got on the mailing list for next year.


On to the night--It was smelling heavenly but in my rush to do a dinner, I stuck tatter tots in the oven to feed the kids. Tots smell stronger than a Noble Fir. Stick that in your brain for future reference. Thank you wonderful friends and neighbors that came and smelled my tatter tots, it was such a fun night. To my beloved blog friends and readers that couldn’t make it: scratch the screen? sniff? missed you

002 057

On to Christmas –This Christmas song: Mary’s Boy Child, have you heard it? I first heard it from the Time Life Christmas CDs--Henry Belefonte sings it. The message is simple and the tune hangs around in my thoughts. “And man will live forever more because of Christmas Day”. I even found a PDF of the sheet music.

We all sat on Santa…


and touched his reindeer. There were also balloon animals and bouncy houses. Nothing says Christmas like balloon animals and bouncy houses. Do you see a terrified Stuart?

009 012 013

The Great Isaac Scott has been Christmas Card posing . He’s so close to smiling, I’m going to hold out. James Mair says he looks like ET. Are you on my list? This year’s card will not disappoint, and I’m using Costco. Even if you pop in occasionally, you must email me your address.


Merry Christmas to me. My kitchen rarely looks like this; I had to snap a photo. My dear friend Robyn cleaned it for me. You might want to ask Santa for a Robyn. Your life will be richly blessed.


Amazon is saving Christmas as well this year, you too? And the weather has been so mild all the snow has melted, we might attempt Temple Square.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Scents of the Season: An Invitation for December 7th

So last year we hosted a some what last minute tree smelling  party. 

The tree hardly smelled at all (Lowe’s Noble Fir-Blah). 

Addie asked me: “You want to do it again?  But nobody came last year.” 

But some came; they ate a cookie, did a craft or talked and SNIFFED. Success. 

SO let’s do it again shall we?

Our tree is being delivered on Saturday by the Evans family.  Is that over the top or what?  Yes, delivered to our door.  I’m not sad about skipping the freezing Lowes lot, really.   It’s supposed to smell and live longer than a week. 

So come sniff our tree this year.  It’s a reason to get together right?  On a school night when the regular is cleaning up dinner, homework, and running the bath.  Blah.  Come Come Come. 

I can promise Nog and Hot Chocolate, some cookie or brownie and bowls of chocolate candy placed all over the house to strategically sit or stand by and gorge on.  

Tuesday the seventh from six to eight pm, stop in any time.  If you want to bring a treat to add to the fun, great.  Are you coming?


This was the tree in 2008.  It’ll look a lot like this but the kids will be bigger.