Sunday, November 25, 2007

Putting it out there....

I talked with Robyn about getting things done. We came to the conclusion that if we said we were going to do something it might have a better chance at getting done. I did it today. Sweet Sister B. at church mentioned she had a gift for baby Stu and I told her to bring it to choir because I was thinking of joining.....low and behold I went. How many Sundays have passed when I mentally yearned.... and today I said it to someone and I went! Sister B. gave me a crocheted flannel burp cloth and this is the best ward choir I've ever been in. Equal numbers of men and women.

So I'm starting a Sunday night routine. You're welcome to join me. I'm putting out there the thing that most needs attention for the week. Yea. So I'm accountable and pictures of the goal finished could follow (maybe) No, pictures will be the proof!

This week.....I will decide on some furniture for the family room. I'm so determined at what I have envisioned and disappointed at what I've seen so far... I will stop being picky and just go and find something that I like and that looks good.

There it's out there. The world knows and I know that y'all know and now I have to do it. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Turkey Day! James was reading the kids, The Friend, and they saw this and wanted to make it. He turned out cute, don't you think? Addie cut feathers and wings. Ben did gluing and stuffing. He's a very large centerpiece.

The Family Tub

I am so thankful for a huge tub that can make quick work of the most patience building experience I do as a mother on an every other day basis. BATH TIME.

It's really a swimming pool.....what are you thankful for this time around?

Stuart Stats!

Here is Stuart taking a bath. He loves Benjamin so he was focusing on him. Here he is remembering he doesn't really like to be splashed on by Benji.
He went for his two month check a couple of weeks ago and he now weighs 13lbs 6 oz. He's gained 5 pounds since birth. He's still wound up as tight as a clock (do we wind clocks now a day?). We visited my great friend Jennifer two weeks ago and she has a big baby too, a week older than Stu. We sat and nursed and talked and after, adorable little Samuel had that drunken happy baby look and Stuart looked concerned. I didn't realize I hadn't seen "the look" on Stuart till I saw little Sam. Maybe it's a sign of an addiction free future. He's growing and looking so big and he's Addie's favorite toy, she'll do anything to hold him.
Yesterday I didn't realize Paige had been MIA until we found her in the pantry. I had a bag of Tootsie Rolls opened for convenient snacking (4 for 1 point) and she had found them. She lined up the wrappers for evidence, can you see them by her hand. I really thought she couldn't handle chewing them so I've been giving her little tiny bites. She downed 6 in a row and only one saliva slurp on her shirt.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I've been tagged...

What I was doing 10 years ago!

I was long distance dating James and loving that every time I came home from Cedar, he'd be the the first one to call.

What I was doing 5 years ago!

Addie was 6 months old, our calm happiness after some real serious sadness with not raising Charlotte.

What I was doing 1 year ago!

Teaching preschool and just getting used to three kids. Little did I know Stuart would be scheming how to make his way into the world unplanned but very welcomed nonetheless.

What I was doing yesterday!

Just catching up on stuff around me. Julie Hadlock came for a wonderful visit. She brought Stu a sleeper that he's almost fitting into. I also made a roast that was so good and James came home with a temperature of 102. ewww a sickeee.

Three facts/habits not many people know about me...

1. There is not much because I am an open book.

2. If I didn't have a family I'd love to get into local politics or be a stand up comedian.

3. I'm a pretend gardener.

Monday, November 12, 2007

An Escape!

On the way up to the cabin. Loving the in-drive movie.
Just happy to be going.

The weather has been just unseasonably warm. I feel like it's a bonus gift after the long, hot, pregnant summer. Last week James was in Las Vegas for a conference for four days. I survived with easy dinners and early bed times. He had Friday off so we took off to the cabin to cook out and ride the Yurf Dog. It was glorious weather.
Benjamin and Bentley were inseparable. Addie and Emma played too. Kim and I went on a walk up the hill. You can see the cabin in the background!

Yes, Stuart is still sporting the Skelly Jammies. On Saturday there was a turkey trot at the fitness center in Kamas. It was free and the first and second place got a turkey or pumpkin pie. Kim ran the 5K and took third! So close. I did the one mile walk with Stuart in the Conestoga wagon (gigantic stroller) and we took second. I'm not normally competitive there were only 4 of us in my age group so I turned on the heat. I finished one second behind red sweatshirt lady who had stopped to take off her black jacket. I should have just ditched Stu and gone for the kill (win). I talked to her after and she said every time she slowed down she heard the stroller wheels on her heels....hee hee. There was a drawing for door prizes and they took a picture of all the winners for the Kamas newspaper. It was a fun weekend. Thanks Kim and Tom for cooking all the great food and letting us spread out up there.

Now all you blog readers might be wondering, "What it's like at the cabin?" Call me, we'll go! It's so fun because the kids disappear to play and there isn't any West Jordan housework to do.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween and some complications......

First off--Here's my little Skelly! He has so many moods ! He helped me pass out candy and he was a really celebrity in his glow in the dark PJs.

I took the kids over to my mom's to trick or treat earlier in the day and we took some pictures. I'm so glad we did because then the craziness of Halloween set in and I didn't take anymore pictures.

Benjamin was a very cool T-Rex that I borrow from Vanessa. What a hoot of a costume. Addie was 'The Little Witch', it's a mixture of old dance costumes given new life. Paige was a kitty and I bought two of the fleeces and used one to make ears, tail and the cuff of her pants. AND she can wear the fleece and pants for the rest of the winter--two in one! Here's one of the pumpkins we carved. We even carved the cumkin which is the green one. It was grown next to the cucumber plant and hehehe.

Right before the kids left Paige threw up all over the kitty suit. She kept throwing up all night so I set up a puke station in the entry way so she could greet the trick or treaters. She loved all the kids, and the doorbell ringing. It truly was one of my craziest hours ever. Stuart was in the sling because he could not be happy anywhere else....And we had a lot of trick or treaters. This past summer I found a box of beanie babies at a yard sale and the lady sold them to me for $5. I kept a set for preschool of some very cool ones and then we gave the rest of them out to the little kids. It was so fun. A little after 9pm we turned out our lights to start our chocolate milk/popcorn tradition and to play cards (after having a great debate over referendum 1). The bell rang over and over and we tried to ignore it but then James went to tell them we were out of candy and it was a little girl in our ward that wanted a beanie baby too. She got home and saw what her sisters had and wanted one too. Her mom brought her over to see if we had any left. We had ducks left.

So to sum it up--anyone who came trick o treating to our house got a great treat but probably a trick as well. We'll have to wait to see who ends up with this particular stomach distress.