Thursday, January 28, 2010

Catching up…

Let’s catch up shall we? Since I’ve come out about my addiction to the craft blogs, I figured you all knew where I’ve been. And let’s just address the irony of a craft/design blog obsession—lots of time on line being inspired and wanting to do different projects does not equal much time left to do the particular projects. But with just about all my weaknesses, I know it won’t always be a problem. “I can stop anytime I want to {wink} although I don’t want to.” (name that movie)

A few more worth mentioning and I leave you to your own conscience how much time you waste use on them.

Design Mom— I didn’t understand her blog at first because she has a lot of guest bloggers but she has a voice that is polite and friendly, plus she’s lds, expecting #6.

Centsational Girl—All her projects seem very easy & kind of budget conscience. I’ve yet to do any but I have intentions of doing the laundry drying rack. So cool. Oh and any link on her side bar—great.

What are you favorite craft/design blog—is there one I should know about? Maybe it’s yours?

My adorable baby sister, Sharon, had a baby girl last week! Oh delicious. Happy Birth Day Lucy Jane.


Masterpiece Classic’s, Emma, debuted Sunday night. Did anyone see it? Eli Stone played Mr. Knightley! Although in true PBS fashion, we were only given 2 hours—blast! It was very good. We watched it Monday morning as a part of the pity party I threw for my self, while my mom and sister and BIL went snowboarding, at Brighton, which had just receive 22 inches of new snow two days prior. Addie was very sick. I ate 5 squares of a disastrous lemon bar effort that were so under baked they ran when I sliced them--but still tasted great.

James and I joined the West Jordan sponsored Biggest Loser event—to combat lemon bars. I lost 4.5 pounds the first week. Yoga pants are lighter than denim. I have had comments that I would need weight to loose, to join a contest such as that—but as any surging hormone pumped mother will contest, over the holidays I ate my weight in sugar cookies, Dove peppermint bark, and Mexican 7 layer dip. Believe me—if I just loose 10 lbs, all my pants will fit again and I can wear my yoga pants only for yoga….

Saturday I started organizing the kitchen paper cupboard catch all. It wasn’t totally awful because I found a long lost camera card with pictures from last summer—that I’ve mourned for so long—because it was long lost, but now it’s found. In celebration here are some fond memories:

IMG_1496 IMG_1513

Amber and I did the Echo Triathlon last summer, here’s before and after. Jake, her husband, did it too. And my college roommate, Melissa; I ran into her at the start.

IMG_1589 IMG_1576

The Tetons! I could not love this place anymore. And look at how happy everyone is!

I also found a gift card to Cold Stone that has $10 left on it. But James Mair is not allowed to speak of a “Gotta Have It” until Fast Sunday Eve, February 7th, you know the biggest losers that we are…..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Knitting and Nonsense

After five days of picking up and putting down the lime green yarn and needles. Voila! A bitty bib? I was aiming for a wash cloth size of something but ran out of green. I even had to bind off with some white. In this sample I practiced knitting, purling, and a little of knit 2 purl 2.


My aunt is collecting pictures of all the afghans my Grandma Allen has made. I’d be interested in the number but I bet it’s more than 100. Here is the one she made for Charlotte, in the spring of 2001. I love it. It’s very similar to Paige’s yellow blanket—she told me about the really soft yarn that they are both made out of. We don’t use this one much. It’s just special-- and the popcorn pattern is adorable.


This one she made for me and James for our wedding. The summer of 1998. I have it by my bed and this Sunday past, I took a nap under it. Perfect for napping.


So I’ll admit it only once but I'm currently addicted to craft blogs, decorator blogs, & before and afters. It started searching out ideas for my new years resolution and a new kitchen floor. I spend too much time looking, just ask me if I’ve been to a flooring store yet this year. And the culprit would be this little site here—you might have been there. Maybe not. But be warned--it’s a slippery slope. And if you slide off ----Weeeeeeeee! (That’s me sliding with you.)

It’s the first place I go when Ben and I need a project to keep us busy. Kids stuff, printables, home projects....mercy.


Wondering? It’s been this long since Hawaii.


Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Boy Climbs!

Stuart started climbing out of his crib and fearing he would fall, we took it down and put his mattress on the floor.  Sleep is now on his terms…mercy… please. 

I learned to knit throwing style.  In the book that’s re-teaching me how to knit, the author laments not learning continental style first, because “it’s so much faster.” 

And I thought, oh why not really learn a new skill—it is a new year after all.  It is faster, a little looser, and I had to watch a tube video to really get it. 

Pictures to come…

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Crowd, A Clean House & Unintentional Green

Joan, my neighbor, called early this morning to say she couldn’t bring rolls to the lunch at my house: her kids were sick. 

I’m so glad she called because I don’t really think I would have remembered.  James was secret shopping Five Guys Burgers and Fries, and I had planned to meet him for lunch.  I’m so easily distracted by food.  IMG_2217

I’d had an email reminder the day before—did I mention I’m distractible?

So I spent the morning cleaning , de-cluttering, and baking rolls (you know, Joan and her sickies)

It was a success and my house, for the first time ever, was at an “all door open” state of clean.  Yep, that’s right, I left all the doors to all the bedrooms and bathrooms, open… (never in my life) 

Because I didn’t remember I was hosting 20 friends and 10 kids, I didn’t have sufficient  paper products—Christmas and New Years wiped me out. IMG_2218

I pulled out all 20 plates that I own, all the IKEA kid plates and cups and claimed “Goin’ Green” when the abhorred look came from bacon salad sister. 

Truthfully, I really enjoy a weighty plate and fork, especially at a potluck when you’re never really guaranteed a seat at a table—you could end up on the stairs, balancing a flimsy disposable on your knee.   

Besides, I only really like the Chinet paper plates— but  can you afford those?  

Monday, January 04, 2010

Snowboarders AKA Knuckle Draggers

The whole snowboarding party, Bevan, My Mom, me and Donna. This was taken at the top of the Snake Creek lift where you could look down the other side of the mountain, into the Heber Valley. So beautiful.
They could be getting ready to dive.
What an awesome mom. She's a knuckle dragger too! Thanks for outfitting us all and for the fun.

In the first video, Donna, a third time snowboarder, videos while following me down. She tries to turn at the end and a small explicative might have been documented.

Donna refers to me as Lindsey Vonn but Lindsey's got nothing on my flailin' arms and conservative speed.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

New calling, knitting, & snowboarding

So I’m done playing the piano in primary and onto teaching the 10 & 11 year old girls.  Eleven active girls (4th-6th grade) and I get to have activities with them twice a month.   It reminds me of Merry Miss, back when my mom was called.  They made wooden dog plant holders and decorated cakes.  Fun things!  The program was absent when I came of age but even the church recycles.

I found my old knitting needles.  Something I own is old?  My Grandma Allen taught me how to knit when I was trying to align the stars and conceive.  It worked, maybe a little too well—those needles haven’t aligned anything in about 8 years.  Yesterday I dragged all the kids to the McDonalds play land to run off energy.  And there I was, with a book from the library trying to remember, lime green preschool yarn to boot.  I’m going to knit James Mair a sweater.  He refuses to believe it. 

I’ll be snowboarding tomorrow with my 62 year old mother and Donna and Bevan.  You’ll deserve pictures and maybe even a video from my cool vado video recorder.   


Saturday, January 02, 2010

More Christmas Memories


Gross! The boy is addicted to electronic devices. He got his hands on the camera and documented snot.

“Tissue anyone? Sleeve? Thumb and pointer finger squeeze with wipe on sock or pant cuff?” This one is tissue effort worthy isn’t it.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Merry Christmas! What do you think of this? It's the family picture I sent with our cards. I'm tickled. The objects she included match the current interests of the kids and she even added an angel and the Tetons! I've known Sue for a long time and the gal is connected to the heavens. I'll treasure this. It's amazing. If interested in a portrait for your family contact Susan Fitch, here. She's amazing.

My Resolutions

#1 A new kitchen floor. Explanation: My current floor has been my deepest desire to replace for some time--and the funds have been raised--it's the actual doing it that paralyzes me. My real goal is to force a "decorator's eye" to make my current daily spaces represent me. Some creative functionality in the laundry room would be nice too. The whole project hinges on flooring.

#2 Speed blogging. I take too long. I need to be faster. I love this dumping ground for my "mental chatter" and I'm going to fully embrace a year of documenting on Mmmm....air. Join me for snippets in place of current posts--that are too wordy, too long and too long in between.

My favorite shots from the last couple of weeks: Happy New Year!