Sunday, October 28, 2007

We went to a pumpkin Garden! It was a little crazy--I usually don't go anywhere public with all four but I went with a friend and she helped keep an eye on all of them. This place had a teepee, pirate ship and hay maze. We were entertained and then we bought the little tiniest white pumpkins ever. $1.25 for a gourd no bigger than the seed it took to grow it. I didn't even take a picture because "it was not a good deal" I really need to teach them about value vs. product.

Stuart and Man's Breast Friend

James and Addie caught this. They kept it a secret until I put the pictures on the computer. Addie thought it was really funny and really...he was even wearing his puppy suit.


These are a little blurry--I think I'm too close....
But whenever he gets done with this crying phase...
He'll be a really happy guy to take care of! By the way he's sitting in the recalled baby bumbo seat. I read that if you have one to let the company know so they can mail you a warning label to stick on it. I thought that was funny too.

Cute Couch Kids

After church today I piled all the kids on the couch to do a baby blessing picture. Stuart had just eaten so he was not in a great mood but everyone else looks good. When we look back I'll just think in my head that that was the day we blessed Stuart (even though it was two weeks later). Aren't they a cute bunch?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Conversation On Birth

Ben: "Ian, I know how babies come out"

Ian: "Do you push it out?"

Ben: "No, the baby pushes"

Ian: "You push it..."

Ben: "No it pushes and pushes and then it pulls out.."

Ian: "The belly doesn't break open.. huh.."

Ben: "No"

They are so funny when they tell each other stuff. Their knowledge is so simple.

33 and Counting!

So I'm now 33! This is the cake I made and believe it or not it took me all day. I can't think of a better way to spend a day. I kept getting distracted with other things and the cake was a little over baked. Our friend Dave commented that his mother's cakes were very dry and she had 10 kids! Correlation: The more kids you have the more over baked your cakes are. Although my mom had 9 kids and her cakes are great. She has amazing focusing skills. I did have a special afternoon rescue by Robyn who came over and whipped my kids in to cleaning up everything and she loaded the dishwasher. TRUE friend. I took a shower while the ganache chocolate cooled. Here's a link to the recipe. It was divine.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blessing and a good laugh!

No wonder he's so fussy--he has his pants up to his neck!

I was a little bit out of it yesterday and completely forgot to do the formal family shot after the blessing. They're never very good and we don't have couches yet so where would we have sat?

I did pull the camera out after almost everyone had left. Here are a few of folks just hanging out.

Bevan, Donna, The Boy, Addie and Dave playing Trumpet. Addie was Donna's card holder. She was very proud of it.

James, Paige in the highchair and Dave. Card Sharks....

Kim and Tom but Tom was crunching some potato chips...

And this is Ben sporting my lily pads on HIS "nursehers". He's so proud of them and Paige is very curious. It almost looks bad but I think it's hilarious.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Look What Paige Can Do! Feed Herself! Hallelujah!

Sorry I've been out of the blogging world for so long. Bless you who keep checking up and find the same old boring post. It's been crazy around here. I took my kids in for flu shot and had Dr. B look over the boy because he was crying so much. Especially after he ate. He suspected reflux or a protein sensitivity. He suggested to try Zantac and I opted because--it was either that or go off of dairy completely and I knew the meds would be a whole lot easier. I think it has cut his crying in half and he can fall asleep easier and sleep a little longer. Anyway that's where I've been. We went to the cabin over conference and had a blast! Tomorrow is the baby blessing and we can't wait. This little guy will get all the glory he deserves. I'll post some pictures for sure.