Friday, August 06, 2010


Pregnancy:  Peanut butter is out!  No matter when I eat it--the worst heartburn imaginable.  Every thing feels pregnant: nose, back, ring finger...  I had a wish to be “basketball” pregnant this time around.  I would just keep moving—you know, and not consume as much as past pregnancies.    It’s just not my future—I’ve got some veins that have me searching out places to sit down (the zebra settee in TJ Maxx is nice).   I’ve had them before—I can’t complain.  I just  really wish they were wrappable (not a word) because I would wrap.

Media:  Get your hands on the copy of Masterpiece Theatre’s  Jane Eyre and watch it today!   TODAY folks!  It’ll be the best 240 minutes of your next week.  Smart Robyn recommended it more than a year ago and I just got around to it.  She should have screamed in my ear--I can be so slow.  There’s chemistry and a good looking, older, very compelling Mr. Rochester.  Jane’s not ugly but bewitching.  I’ll even give you the link to the SLC library copy.  Put it on hold now.  No excuse.  Watch it and we’ll chat. 

Benjamin:  Has been working on going cross eyed for days and has finally mastered it.  Awe Benjamin, just when I thought you weren’t quite ready for first grade…

Stuart:  Is now buzzed.  I had to do something.  We have vacuumish hair clippers that collect clipped hair into a cup on the back.  I cut off snow white locks that the pioneers could have woven into masterpieces!  He went from baby to boy in 10 minutes. 

Coming up:   We are heading up to the Tetons next week, my Ackerson siblings are joining us—in the motherland.  Can.not.wait!  James is also turning 40, this Sunday--shenanigans are in the works.  Pictures to come!