Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cost of gas and wheat and clothes!

Last week we did a stint at the cabin. It wasn't a true vacation because James commuted to work everyday but with a vacation spirit we: stayed up late, slept late, ate wonderful food, watched High School Musical more that we'll admitt, and enjoyed visits from the outside world. Michelle came with her kids and Marisa visited as well. Wonderful discussion developes at the cabin so thanks for coming and you're kids' are great hikers.
Cousins just hanging out.

We did celebrate Addie and Julie's birthday. Heather made delicious chocolate square cupcakes and we sang.
Isn't this an adorable picture?

Tom did a fun photo session. He does good work. Christmas clothes you wonder? Well I'm just getting around to it. Plus with the snow and rustic backgound.....
I could not love a picture more than this with Stuart's smile and Paige's look of wonder...

Now on to the title of this post...I filled up the tank, once the gas light went on, at the Kamas Food Town Sinclair and I thought...$3.45 for a the price has really on up..but with all the world worrying about it, I don't need to. Last week I bought my second bag of Red Hard wheat to make Vanessa's heavenly whole wheat bread and the cost was $29.95 for a 50lb bag--just $16.00 more from the last time I bought it--in January. That's up more than %100? in a couple of months!

While up at the cabin, Kim (my SIL) and I went to the outlets in Park City. We took all 7 kids so we knew we weren't looking at anything to try on--we hit the kid stores. We started at the Children's Place and all clearance was 50% off, my kind of sale. I showed restraint and left with only 2 outfits ($16) for Addie for school next year--or to wear the next day because it was so darn cute--butterfly camo--and it matched Emma. I went back later for shirts and pants for the boys and Paige got a full meal deal at the Gymboree Outlet. Our kids were somewhat done after about an hour so I stuck them in the over-the-top-Pilot with a movie and fishies. We then tagged team shopped for another 2+ hours but our price points were warped. If it wasn't two or four dollars we put it back to evaluate cuteness, necessity, everlasting happiness.... not really but the point of this narrative is to tell you there is one thing left that has not gone up in price. Kids clothes. And because of our friends in China it's cheap, and because of the need to cover ourselves there's lots of it, competition and all. I'm remembering and referring you to my experience of a jogging suit in 4th grade. I saved and saved and with about $20 went out shopping with my mom. Well the pickings were slim and at Sears (not all that Grand then) I finally found one and it was around $33. I worked out the difference with my mum. That was 25 years ago. Now with the math from the aforementioned wheat and gas, to outfit a kid should be $60 - $70. It's not. It could be if you're particular (I've been known to be) and the cost doesn't factor cute for you like it does me, but it's not. With all the talk of rising prices, let's talk about what hasn't. Anthing else come to mind?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

She's really grown up!

Here's a quick look back. Six years of Addie Jo, as she is called sometimes around here.

This was one of the happiest days of our lives and our family can attest how glad we were after our heartache with Charlotte.

Halloween at about 6 months.

On her two year old birthday. James bought her an Elmo and she was so scared of it when it danced--it took her a while to warm up to it.

A pink party when she was three.

Robyn made this cake for Addie when she was four. Two days before we moved.

At five with cupcakes and candles.

With friends shading her eyes-- she's six....

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Flower Fairy party planned in two days!

Addie had a friend party last year so in my mind I thought I was off the hook for this year. But I caved because they are so fun! and who doesn't want cake, ice cream and all the presents?

In the top photo they're playing pixie pixie fairy, (duck duck goose).

Fairy princess Paige looking some what put together. My record in the past with kid parties is plan all day and all the other kids look completely bedraggled by the time it starts.

The treasure hunt.

Party fairies ready to head home. Will I be off the hook next year? I really like the two day time frame though. I called all the moms--so no invitations. Addie and I went to Dollar Tree, Saturday morning, and found stuff for the wands, wings and "petal" skirts. Ya, they were from the aloha section--I just whacked them off. Birthday happiness...Does it get any better than this? Cake anyone?

Speaking of cake. You gotta love Dollar Tree for the toppers. And I put ice cream in the middle of it and the kids loved it. It makes it so easy to dish up--I got the idea from my good friend Jennifer H, who has parties mastered. Frosted with cool whip that they loved as well, also a JH trick. Addie loved your special picture, by the way, Elise. Thanks for sending such love. And Sharon, Addie loved the High School musical card--it's still on the fridge being hung up by the magnet it came with. So cool.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Conference and our Shining STAR

One of the most fun things that the girl cousins do when they get together is dress ups. Princess Paige in pink.

Now I've been working on my photos with my old (relative term being the digital age and all)big as a dinosaur point and shoot and natural light. I'm a fan. Now if only I had washed off Stuart's face before I did the work..... He's now seven months!

Too close. I should have switched to close up mode. This is a cute one of Addie and Reggie. He's spending the week with us because it's Addie's birthday on Saturday. Yea, not a real connection but a compromise why Reggie doesn't live with us any more.....

Here is Addie giving Reggie a seed. We took him to her Kindergarten class because this week she's the shining star. We were going to let him fly around because it's so entertaining--but there was a ceiling tile missing and we didn't want to chance an attic bird.
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So we spend conference week end up at the cabin and as always it was a blast. I don't have any boy pictures because the boys are off playing as usual. Ben won't open his eyes for pictures because "the light hurts them". I thought Ali's and Paige's expression was really cute.
We love Donna and Bevan. Donna, the girls loved the pedicure--so thanks. No Settlers though... we'll get to it, we promise.

Donna told me to snap this because this is so "Afternoon Session". Dad how is that even comfortable? Thanks for the great times, Mom the enchiladas were delicious, and the chocolate fountain was divine.
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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking

I'm looking into a new hobbie--darn it's one that's on the computer. What do you think?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Easter picnic and baby blessing

This weekend we went to Allen and Missy's for the first picnic of the season. It was a little cold to be at the park so we invaded their house. The hunt was great for the kids. Mine are finally catching on.

Stuart's mental process-- "How do I get this goodness in me?!?" Give it to your mother...

Paige showing off her goods.

On Sunday we drove to Pocatello to see baby Macie's blessing. It was so much fun and the spread of food Vanessa laid out was wonderful. Thanks for hosting us all.

Yea a family shot. It seems the more kids there are the more impossible it is to get every one looking at the camera at the same time. This is the best of about 7 taken. Scary. Tom's taking family shots of us in a few weeks--good luck Tom.

Here is Vanessa and the most adorable Macie Marilyn. Addie is also loving Macie.
Not to upstage the new one--Stuart enjoyed the visit with Grandpa and Grandpa Allen too.