Monday, May 14, 2012

Paige’s Birthday When She Turned Five

037She received sparkly shoes, Barbie and Ken, and....
I wish I could catch more of these expressions (in focus) on camera…the one on the left she’s wondering and the one on the right she knows and is happy.  It's just what she’s always wanted even though she didn’t ask for it… a Barbie scooter. 
042Baby Ikie.  Man has he grown…where are those chubby fingers now?  043Paige’s Birthday is three months after Ben and Addie’s and that was exactly when she started planning this party. We wrote in my planner all the treats and the games “so you can shop, mom”.   We played  Hokey Pokey in the pools and had snow cones.  Even though it was a little cold the rain held off .  The guests: Noah, Miles, Paige, Kayla, Anna, Becca (blocked by Anna) Stuart, Josie, Shaylie, Jessie and Megan.    045046048049063067068
The party ended with Addie collecting one of the first eggs of this group of girls (chickens).  She’s already planning her 6th birthday which falls on the very last day of Kindergarten.