Sunday, September 21, 2008

Look who's 1!

Can you believe that this kid is one? Yea, I really can't either. And he's fooling everyone because, he's still bald, he can't walk and loves his bottle. So he looks like a baby and he'll be one for a while, which is just fine with me.
Because when they grow up....
they don't get this excited about..... A Ball!
Don't laugh at the wrapping of his present, it's the Mair side of me that comes out (it was really wrapped in love but you can't capture that with a camera). Seriously, do you think he got the shaft? I mean if he were the first born--there would be presents galore... but there are already toys all over this house that he has a glorious time playing with...he just didn't have a that's what he got.
And look at that cute grin. Note, the unimpressed 6 year old in the back ground.
And here he can't wait for it to come back. And Addie's face--you can tell she's seen a ball or two. I hope he stays a baby for a little while longer anyway, just so I can be entertained by him being entertained, by a ball.

And a clue for about the next post. I'm off to San Francisco this week to rendezvous with James after his work conferences. I'm going to be vague about when I'm leaving and returning so that blog stalkers won't raid my house and take away my precious jewels (my kids). But a note on getting ready 4 kids for 4 days.... There will be a total of NINE people watching them at various times during my absence. How about that? Baby sitters, grandma, aunts, uncles, friends; the master schedule I typed out of who, goes where, when, is over two pages. think I do the job of 9 folks. No wonder I need a vacation. And to all of you who are so generously watching my jewels, THANK YOU!

PS Mrs. Newman, Addie's 1st grade teacher, is by far the easiest one to coordinate, and the least put out by my leave. Wait a minute...10!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I got on tonight to post more chronological events--my brain works that way and my posts reflect it, but I was distracted with these pictures. I'll get to the "events" later. This entry is going adorable, and sweet. These chicks came from my nest and they tell me all is right in this life.

These Polk-a-dot (coca-knots) dresses came in the mail from this online weakness and even though it made no sense at all to keep (I buy with intention of returning what's not practical or a good deal) springy summer dresses when it's fall and winter around the corner, Paige and Addie are proving that practicality and deals are not needed when they are sisters!

They'll make great Easter dresses--if Addie keeps her promise to not grow for 6 months. Have a nice Monday!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Is the Summer Really over? Picture and commentary overload!

So the summer is really over and I never posted as much as I intended to of all the fun --birthdays and trips and all. This will be a long, and picture heavy edition of Mmm.....air for documentation and for all my faithful family and friends who click away and find a slacking blog where so much potential is possible. Also--I'm warning you now about a pair of shorts I found at Wal-mart on clearance for $3! I thought they were a steal and they FIT--so I wore them everywhere this summer. But no one told me how unflattering they were--I mean I've always known that plaid added width--but I wasn't worried because these shorts fit... see if you can spy them throughout the photos because in a few years...and seconds we'll all ask...what was she thinking?

Paige's Birthday! It was so much fun. Can you believe she's two?
Addie's last day of Kindergarten. And just below it a picture of my beloved Kindergarten Taxi. Sheri and Denise, the other gal with a Kindergartner, picked Addie up every day for a whole year. They just understood about loading 4 to take 1....and jumped in and saved me. Thank you Angels!
Paige being two again. Cupcakes and candles. She was so tired after Church she fell asleep on the couch....what balance.
The 4th. What can I say but I love this holiday! Here is Stuart at the Murray parade--and the perks of this parade are: Starts early, very short, lots of candy! And a free flag for coming.
And for my sister Sharon and my cousin Carly. Chuckle.
And here we were later that day at Copperton park, swinging and eating snow cones!
Our summer ritual of riding bikes before it got too hot. On this particular morning I stuck Stu in the jogger to pump something or pull out something.
Now in the evenings we would bike as a family. This all started with the triathlon training. I was looking on KSL to find some type of bike that worked. I read many that sounded like this: "Been in our garage for a while, needs a little love, great bike!" I thought to myself...We've had bikes in our garage since we've been married, that need a little love..... James' mission bike and the bike my beloved roommate, Nicholle from SUU, gave me right after I got off my mission. Around 15 years old but let's love 'em alright? A couple of tubes later and TaDa...biking family. And a little side note about Nicholle's bike (the Manitoba). We triathletes are convinced the bike is magical. It has only two gears...hard and very hard, and only back breaks, but that bike can haul. What ever effort I cranked into it--it performed. Marisa almost rode it in the race--so it was almost famous but, sincere love only for this neon yellow, '90's beauty! Thanks Nicholle.
Here is Addie with all the Art work from Kindergarten. I had this idea of taking pictures of her holding each one, or of them by themselves and then do some cute scrapbook page with all of it, well, this is as far as it got. She was not interested in even holding one and I couldn't handle it on the counter any longer so I just held them up and snapped the shot and into the trash it went. That egg Humpty is cute though.
LAGOON! So this year for lagoon, James wasn't able to get assigned to do it with his second job wink wink, so we took another route. Goldenwest credit union offered two free passes if you opened a checking account. Percentage wise, it was still a good return for having our $25 for the next six months.
And doesn't this next shot just sum up the exhaustion of the place?

While waiting in line for this ride the operator informed Addie she was too tall and she should go ride any roller coaster in the park. That was all she needed to try the White roller coaster! Weeeee.
First glimpse of the shorts....
The 24th of July!
What a nasty wasp bite! There was a nest under the mailbox--she didn't even know I was taking a picture..knocked out with Benedryl.
Family reunion in Lava Hot Springs. This was the start of a fun trip to Wyoming with a day of fun first at the pool with cousins. Paige and Meg--Cu-ute.
Monica and Neil--way to make the drive guys. Hiking up to Phelps Lake overlook.
Shawna and her beautiful Gabe! You want to eat him...I know. Miles and Robyn too. Cooking out. Paige could hardly lift the roaster. Addie's hair lasted 4 DAYS-- a new hair record.
Now we go every year and we don't need to stop at the turn outs because we go every year....but I just can't help taking shots of these beauties...even from the car. Mmm....air.So Miles fell on his face, and while Robyn dished love, I grabbed the camera.
My mom's birthday! Donna made a heavenly ganache covered BT cake. Yummmm.
I'll have some...and I'll share....Wondering what shorts I'm wearing under the table? I'll never tell. Stuart and the new kitty.
An afternoon relaxing by the pool... in our backyard.
I was lucky enough to go with my sister Sharon to St. George to see two plays at Tuacan. During the day we played with my cousin Andrea and her kids at a splash pad.
Can you believe it rained through all of Sound of Music? Not heavy enough to cancel the show but annoying enough to wish they had...those shorts again...and for a confirmation of the afformentioned width issue click herescroll about half way down--different shorts--same 3 buck rack. Addie really enjoyed the VonTrapp children.
The Allen Family Reunion. What fun!
My georgous cousins, Whitney, baby Jane, Andrea, Clair, Sydney and my sister Sharon
Grandma and Grandpa Allen with Stu.
Charles and Julie and the Beaver too. Justin and Ali weren't there and I asked Stephen for news. He said they had just moved to Seattle Washington with his job about a month ago, just one week after Ali had had a little boy (can't remember the name so sorry). Eden so wanted a girl.
Donna and Stuart!
Hi Aunt Jeanne! It was so fun to see you!
Uncle Charlie teasing Stuart. The next one is too dark but if you look close the expressions of the two are hilarious. Stuart doesn't know wether to laugh or cry.
Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur museum offered $2 Tuesdays during August...So we went; but so did every other mother, with young children desperate for cool summer entertainment, in a two county radius. We had fun but each one of the kids got lost so after we couldn't find Paige on the way out -- We knew we were smart to be leaving. Thanks Robyn and Ian for the fun time--kind of.
Ben walking stealthy....
Oh a sign....Now what is this? The gang....
Stuart's one and only sign language sign. Can you guess what he wants?
Potato head creativity....
This is the end of this endless blog entry. If you made it this far you win a trip to my house for a plaid shorts burning.....And thank you blogger for added cutting and pasting's about time!