Monday, June 25, 2007

Today's Fun

This morning we took our flat tire to get it fixed. Benjamin loves the movie Cars and a tire store was something so exciting he could not empty garbage's fast enough to be ready to go. We went to a couple places asking about how long it would take and how much. We ended up at Discount Tire--that fixed it in ten minutes and didn't charge us anything! We even got to watch through the window in the showroom. That was the highlight of the morning. We then went looking for a booster chair that attaches to a counter top/bar but no luck. Paige needs a place where she can concentrate on her meals. At the moment she just climbs out of the deficient highchair. I cannot make the lap strap tight enough around her skinny middle.

After lunch Addie starts a project. Today it was cut and glue from Vanessa's speech days. Thanks NES! She worked on a birthday cake for Paige and Benjamin was even talked into doing hammers on nails. Paige worked on a cupcake from Grandma Gwen (a.k.a the food fairies).

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer Vacation

It's here. We are loving every thing about it. I'm glad that it hasn't been that hot yet. Addie and Benjamin started swimming lessons today and did really well. They talked to a frog underwater by blowing bubbles back to him. I'll remember to take my camera this Thursday for round two.

I've been cleaning out closets and organizing cupboards. I'm excited to have all this drive with three months left before little boy comes. I'm just imagining all that will get done. YAHOO