Monday, January 26, 2009

Musings from Michigan

So some of you are now going to Seattle! And I'm all set to go get Chinese sometime the first week of February! I'll be calling...

I went to Michigan! Can you believe I took Stuart? He had been throwing up the two days prior and even the morning we left--but when there's fun to be had and tickets already take the sickie. He like the plane and more importantly all the dollar store toys I had loaded up on. We flew without any body fluid incidences. I chalk it up to James' faith--the deal hinged on just the three kids at home. He was on the mend and we won't even talk about the disaster of flu outbreak that I so unknowingly and effortlessly deserted. It was a true mom's vacation.
And the fun was just starting. Upon arrival I was greeted at the curb by Sharon and whisked away to Zingerman's to eat pastrami. I should have taken a picture it was so good! These tulips represent warmth and they greeted me and stood up straight all due to a penny. Who knew?
Sharon planned a ton of fun--a night of chocolate fountain dipping; thanks Natalie for letting me crash the party. And then....a day at Splash Paradise (an indoor water park). Stuart and me just chillin' being warm. Now I knew this going in that it's a little cold in Michigan, but really, it's just down right freezing most of the time. To take your mind off of it you must go and have fun. Here's Charlie...
And Matthew...We ate at the famous Blimpy Burger and I was yelled at for not ordering a hamburger (I was going to split Sharon's). But the onion rings were tasty and the whole experience worth the wait. We also went on a shopping trip to the largest Mall I've ever seen--Great Lakes Crossings. That was fun--just for the ride there with some of Sharon's bffs, the great conversation, and the Bill and Erma's sundae bar afterward. I found some sweet new long black pants and some sunglasses that scream for summer.

Now for some Cold....
We went to the Plymouth Ice Carving Festival--held in really cold locations to preserve the featured carvings. It was about 16 degrees when we got there and an ever so slight wind gust. It's hard to think when it's that cold. This is Big Bird and Oscar! We lasted about a half and hour and wimped out. And according to Sharon the ice carvings were down by more than half from the previous years, so we saw the good stuff and search out warmth in drinking hot chocolate. MMMA bunch of Randys--we all were.
So Sharon and I are pretty much twins -- except there was this gal at church that asked if "Sharon's mother was visiting too"...grr. Well we do part our hair opposite.
All gussied for Church. Look at this cute family! They were the best hosts and fed and entertained so well I want them to come so I can do the same back. Thanks Sharon, Seth, Charlie, and Mat'chew'.
It was a true mom's vacation.
I've got to learn how to wear a scarf--look at that snazzy loop Sharon has going on--and me--a feeble attempt to ward off the chill.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hulu and an XBOX

Have you heard of HULU? has many a TV show to watch with "limited commercial interruptions" and it's been a diversion for James and me this January. For action --some what Macgyver like, I'll recommend Burn Notice. Also, Psych and Monk--classic USA staples. Free, free and available anytime--back to back episodes-- even three in a row. The down side is that you have to watch it on the computer screen--Que the XBOX--James' belated Christmas gift. Some how it negotiates with the computer to fling TV (hulu shows) to the TV set. I'm impressed.

The Golden Phoenix? Heard of it? A some what shabby but very tasty Chinese place, on 10th South and State in Salt Lake. I've eaten there 3 times in the last month and each time I plan, in my head, a reason to return. It's never crowded, it's best for large parties to chitchat around a round table with a lazy Susan to eat off of family style, and I would recommend my latest favorite--the Curry Chicken. Anyone want to go and celebrate Chinese New Year? Lincoln or Washington's birthday? How about the vernal equinox? Anyone?

Do you need to go to Seattle? Flights are $51 each way. Southwest is doing a deal until the end of May but I'm looking away because...Stuart and I are off to Michigan this week to visit my sister, Sharon and her family. It's incredulous that I'm jetting somewhere. She's warned me about the cold but nothing will beat the fun she has planned. Cold or no cold. I can't wait.