Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving and Yoga

I think eating a huge meal is fantastic. Especially with great family around. We had a wonderful time up at the cabin this Thanksgiving. We really missed the folks that couldn't make it but the crafts Missy did were fun, the pumpkin roll was great and the hike was cold! Addie started the hike and made it to the lower beaver pond before we hitched a ride back from Jeep man who has the green roof cabin on the first hill turn. Maybe we'll hike the little loop next year so that the kids can make it the whole way. We didn't do any major black Friday shopping but we did eat at Wendy "Keetches" last night which is always a treat for the kids. Did you know they have vanilla frosties now? YUMMMM

I went to Yoga this morning and my body is feeling more elongated. The instructor corrected one of my poses and I yelped 'ow' --she question was it really pain or sensation? I felt a lot of sensation during the class this morning. Off the to library today and to put up Christmas lights.

Friday, November 10, 2006

First Week in November 11/10/06

Things are going well. I'm becoming obbsessed with coupons and have rolled a few over this week at walgreens. There's just something about getting something for free legally that gives such a rush!

Addie is doing gluing and cutting projects and having a lot of fun. Benjamin likes to throw things and lay on top of Paige. Paige is just cute trying to grab anything she can get her hands on. James is off to the Cabin tonight with the Priests of the Ward. Out of 20 about 4 are going. To make a joke and to ease him feeling bad I told him, 20% is more than the Lord asks in tithing..hehe.

It's friends and family weekend at Gymboree so we're going there this morning. With a bag of fishies and raisins we can last about 20 minutes before the kids bolt out the door and the shopping trip is over. Fun Fun Fun