Thursday, August 30, 2007

Addie's first (and second) day of Kindergarten

It was such an exciting day. Addie has been talking about a kindergarten hair cut for a long time. I like her hair long but it really needed all the uneven stuff cut off so I cut it (an hour before school). She said she liked the sharp ends and we flip it with the curling iron. Benjamin and Paige got in on the action as well.

On the way to the playground to wait to go in Addie realized she had to go to the bathroom really bad.

Can you just wait five minutes? I asked but she couldn't so we slipped into the class early and she used the cutest little potty I've ever seen. I should have taken a picture of it. It had a scalloped toilet seat. After the episode she had one second to get in line before they all went in. It was over in a flash. I was so excited for her I had no time to cry. She was so excited. She lined up with Olivia Marler (her friend from preschool) It really is a mile stone.

I took the camera the second day too to make up for the first day being so quick. She is so grown up!

We got carpet yesterday. Talk about mile stones. I forgot what work it is. The moving part anyway. I kinda figured once the paint is in the real work is done. Wrong. There was so much junk under beds and on closet floors--yuck. Well it's all cleaned up now. My blessed visiting teachers came and vacuumed the whole house to get all the bits of the new carpet. I served them crystal light with lots of ice.

I've been having two days of afternoon cramping. Something is happening but then it all stops around the time I do dinner. shucks. I saw the Dr. yesterday and I'm still just between a 1 and 2 dilated but I'm now %60 effaced (is that even spelled right). I'm making progress and sleeping again. YEA

Tomorrow IKEA. Robyn has this idea to walk the baby out of me. I have so much I still want to do but I didn't do much today. I think I'm giving up--which I'll regret but I can't force physical movement when my body won't comply can I? It's lame stuff anyway. Wash all windows--organize kid's clothes--clean the shower walls. Stuff that'll be there if the baby comes or not. I really should use the deadline (and my timer) and do it. I wrote up a new daily itinerary for the next 6 days today and we'll see.

I have had the best luck on KSL classifieds. I got a new crib, mattress, and dresser off of it for around $120. All from different sellers but I'm extremely happy about the good deals and as soon as we pick up the dresser I'll take pictures of the room. I can finally pull out the baby clothes too. YEA. He's really coming.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


So I was looking through my blog realizing that y'all have been posting comments on it. Thanks. I have posted to others before but I didn't think to check mine. This is an extension of the Tetons trip. Here's James and the kids swimming in String Lake.
I went to the doctor last Wednesday and I was about half effaced and dilated almost to a two! I went into panic mode thinking that I might not get everything done that I wanted to--I haven't even got out the baby clothes! So this weekend I recruited James in my painting frenzy and Donna and Bevan. My bedroom is done and the boy's room just have two more coats on two of the walls. The carpet is scheduled for Wednesday morning. I think after that I'll relax and the baby will just fall out. You know these last two weeks are soooo uncomfortable but it's not memorable because it's such a short time in comparison to the rest of the 9 months. How come I never remember it till it comes?
Addie is starting Kindergarten tomorrow. I'll be sure to post a picture. She is so excited and ready. I can't wait for her to have an outlet for her need to be directed. I don't want to say entertained but the gal needs and wants to be doing something all the time.
Benjamin is into tools. This weekend Donna and Bevan came for a concert in West Jordan and stayed for the weekend. I totally used them but Saturday They helped clean up the preschool and organize and pack away toys. Donna made about 20 hamburgers--which were delicious and she cleaned out the fridge and the freezer. Thanks a ton Donna and Bevan. Anyway in the midst of cleaning we found some lost tools--a circular saw and a saber saw. Benjamin has played with them non stop. We also found Lightning McQueen and he is on a high.
Paige has finally learned to communicate somewhat. She still won't say anything but she'll sign more, all done, food/eat and drink. Just that much has cleared up her frustration a ton. She caught a nasty cold though and is now a snotty gal. eeew. I'm off to sleep or at least to try to. I've been waking up at 4 every morning. I should read but I usually just lay there hoping to go back to sleep.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

We just got back from the Mother Land-- the Tetons. It was a great trip. We had some cute cabins that I didn't take a picture of but were so nice being as pregnant as I am. Everyone that saw me walking around with our gaggle of kids and me, plodding along had pain/sympathy in their eyes. It really was a vacation for me. Everything thought of a head of time. The kids had both of us to bounce off of. Great. The first night we threw rocks in the lake and enjoyed the beautiful mountains. Little did we know they would be covered up with rain clouds for the next 24 hours.
Paige deciding which rock to suck on first.
Paige and Addie at the visitors center at Colter Bay. Yea that's an elks horn she's chewing on. Real hands (mouth) on!
We cooked out at String lake on Sunday and after went swimming. So much fun but from reports that water was cold. I didn't get in. I can't believe it either. Truthfully I do a lot of sitting now days--That's probably why-- just too busy sitting.
Paige keeping herself busy with hotdogs and a water bottle. She ate about half of it and then filled up a water bottle with the rest. Food storage?
WE HIKED TOO. At String Lake we walked over to the bridge that heads up Paintbrush Canyon. It was beautiful. Ian found this rock and had to climb it. My kids followed suit. It was two miles round trip. After being in the car, the visitor centers, and lodges for a whole day they had energy to use up.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Eat your veggies!

I peeled carrots for lunch the other day but left the greens on. It was like Easter. Bunnies munching and loving the garden plenty. Right now squash, and tomatoes are coming out our ears. If anyone wants any holler!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lagoon and then some

I'm determined to have proof of fun with Vanessa's family. We went to Lagoon on Tuesday. We didn't want to deal with rif-raf or long lines so we went on a week day. We had a blast of course but it was really hot!

After the waterpark I changed back into my shorts and realized that they had split on the bum some time earlier. I tried not to think about it after I saftey pinned half the slit that I must have really tanked on the lbs. these last few weeks to take out a whole pair of shorts. Wha wha wha. At Lagoon-a-beach I rode the Outrigger with James a bunch of times. That is the best waterslide ever! So fun. Noone batted an eye that I was gigantic pregnant. It's a tame waterslide for sure.

Monday, August 13, 2007


I could not be any more excited at the spurt of nesting/energy I had last week. I painted my hall, family room, and kitchen. It is incredibly liberating. Our neighbor is a painter and really hooked me up with paint and some taping. He chuckled a little because the previous owners had painted about 6 months before they sold the house to us and had asked Jim for a bid. He quoted them $1800! They found some one to do it for cheaper but what motivation after I heard that. My 4 days of physical labor was worth $1800!! And credit is due to Robyn the fastest taper, cutter and cheerleader and James who did all the high parts for me. We painted a brownish color-- Swoosh--Addie said it was a boring color but at least it's not peach anymore. When the carpet comes in about two weeks I'll post a picture of the entire transformation. It'll be a new house!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lava but no Proof!

So on Sunday night we drove to Pocatello to visit Vanessa and to go to Lava on Monday. We had the best time playing, talking and eating banana pudding. On Monday we drove to the pool and set up camp. Vanessa brought her big shade which was essential because there wasn't much shade and all the kids turned into water babies. Weeks of swim lessons have really paid off. The biggest surprise were these two great water slides that looked very intimidating but landed in a trough of water. We wondered if the kids would go for it. They LOVED them. The rest of the day Vanessa and I traded swimming for water slide chaperoning. Grandma Christy was wonderful to help with Paige and Meg. We couldn't get her to water slide either because she didn't want to temp fate with her toe. There was a sign of caution for pregnant women--Vanessa told me to suck in. No one said anything. We all forgot our cameras so we don't have any proof of our brave kids going down water slides and doing bobs in the water but we had a wonderful time. And it's officially the family reunion next year--we can't wait.

The kids have had a summer that dreams are made out of. Parades, swimming and Lagoon; all in one day! James had some free passes to Lagoon but we had to go on the same day our kids were marching in the Days of '47 Youth parade. So after marching 6 long blocks in 90 degree weather we headed to Farmington. It was hot but we went to Lagoon-a-beach about half way through the day and cooled off. I was best friends with the lazy river. Addie love the Lady Bop drop and Benji liked Bulgy the Whale. Paige rode the merry go round and the train and of course her stroller. James bounced back with them on the 24th of July for more rides but I was ready to sit around and talk and eat so I headed up to the cabin with Paige. The Kamas fitness center has a great water slide too. Tom said to lay down and only let your heels and shoulder blades touch and you'll go really fast. Being pregnant I went fast anyway. It was so much fun and thanks Kim for the wonderful food you made. And thanks Heather for food Paige would eat. She has been so particular about what she'll eat or not--I'm always looking for something.

James and I just celebrated our 9th anniversary. A few days after my wedding ring broke. The casing that holds the diamond popped off the band. We celebrated by eating a whole pound of See's truffles and going out to dinner at Ruth's diner-- up Immigration Canyon. I'm so lucky to have him as a husband. This pregnacy has been so hot and he has listened and been so patient with all my commentary (complaining) about the weather, ligaments, and other maternity woes.