Thursday, February 22, 2007

We just returned from a great weekend at the cabin. What fun. Benjamin kept asking when "Gruma" was going to get there. I told him that "Gruma" was in Michigan. He didn't get it. The sledding hill was very fast on Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon it was warm and slushy. Monday we woke up to 6 fresh inches. It was so fun and powdery. We spent time stomping on the hill to get it ready for sledding again. Addie is fearless going alone from the top over and over again. Benjamin wore goggles and loved it. The Maxfield, Linford and Johnson families joined us for fun and games and we are looking forward to next year already. David Michelson came up Sunday night and we played marathon games of Ticket to Ride on Monday. Before he left he cleaned all the bathrooms and was surprised to know there are three. (He spent his honeymoon there but is doing great at forgetting it) We want to spend Friday and Saturday there again when John and Heather bless Aubrey. Come on up and play games with us.