Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas and this week's goal

We had a fantastic Christmas. I want to wrap it up and open it every Christmas for the next ten years. The hype of Christmas met their expectations. We did have tears on Christmas Eve when Benjamin opened pajamas. That was my fault because I didn't prepare him adequately. I should have told him it was going to be very cool pajamas (and they were: Lighting McQueen!).

James' parents spent the night and had a fun dinner with us the on Christmas day along with my mom and dad and the Campbells, James sister's family. We headed up to the cabin for a great sledding party the next day. I wish I had gone out and recorded Addie on the hill. She is fearless and stayed out so long, James and she were icicles when they came back in. I hung out with the babies, and frosted sugar cookies.

About sugar cookies. I'm so addicted. I can't make them because I can't keep away from them. James actually is the sugar cookie maker. I head up the frosting and decorating. Yumm. This year it was the Christmas Trees with green frosting and tree sprinkles that just wowed me. Watch out Valentines.

About my cards. I finished them around Christmas eve and sent them out on the 27th. Better late than never right? I read the random sampler in December's Ensign about simplifying Christmas. I'm taking it to heart for next year. Kids get ONE present from Santa and I'm done with the shopping on December 1st. This goes for Christmas cards as well. If they are not made by then, forget it. Just enjoy Christmas.

This next week's focus is a joint project. We've decided to put a 1/2 bath in our laundry room right where this very computer I'm typing sits, so we need to set up a more central location for the home computer. I bought the ALVE secretary and addon from IKEA on Saturday and 4 hours later James had it put together. It holds a computer well and hides one too. But we had to order a flat screen monitor for it to fit and that will be here by Friday. So hopefully next Sunday I can post a picture of our new, aesthetically pleasing, non- laundering computer area, that utilizes our family room space effectively. I'm so excited about this because a new bathroom will lead to new flooring and that's the only hangup I have left about the upstairs. Yea, Yea, Yea.

Sorry no pictures--This major computer moving has already interfered with loading camera photos. I'll post some next week. What is every one's focus this week?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Paige is a happy Gal!

So my Christmas card goal...I'm starting to doubt I can do it. There are so many other things I want to get to.....I'll see. In the mean time here are some shots of Paige at Thanksgiving. She's sporting her first official Doot (hair clip that she didn't rip out)

Tonight James was saying what a Daddy's girl she is.....and then tacked on....I think she likes me so much because you're always holding Stuart. You know, he's right.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Ordered the Couch!

I went to Bassett last week and decided to buy the couch. It's ordered and will be here sometime in January. I was going to take a picture of it but I had taken my camera out of my purse to get shots of The Boy who is now three months old! Here's one from the Basset web site. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's comfortable in a not overstuffed style.
Stuart has really mellowed out for an update on his mood. He's sleeping great! Still sometimes with me but digging the crib scene so I'll be sending the cradle down stairs.
I've been a slacker blogger because I keep getting lost in the jungle. You might wonder where that would be.... They've offered free shipping on most things. With no tax and no dragging four kids with peeping eyes around town I figure I'm coming out ahead. I've got some birthday and just because it was such a good deal stuff too so we'll see on the coming out ahead in the end.

This weekend we had a blast of a Christmas party with all my family. It started off calm enough with some graham cracker houses and candy.

Then we moved on to some pot luck souping and cheeseballing. Oh Missy yum. James and I have finished it off.

And then...the presents. The energy was palpable. Not only did the cousins all share presents but then Grandma Christy brought out her home runs.

Yea the shots are not the best.....Tom FORGOT his camera...I know.... a travesty. But we did have a lot of fun and there was a lot of Christmas Cheer. We missed you Arizona Prendergasts and Michigan Thackers.
So It's Sunday night and I'm ready to commit to this week's much needed focus. Christmas Cards. Last year we sent out a DVD and in years past I've done some crafty numbers...I really like getting them and putting them together will be fun too, so I'm putting it out there. Also I really need to start sleeping again, but that's just my self inflicted online shopping and nursing insomnia, very curable. What's your commitment for this week? Laurie, how's the mud room?
Merry Christmas everyone if I don't get back to posting until after the big day!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Last week I went out only one day to RC Willy and it just reaffirmed that I don't like anything there. Yesterday I went to IKEA and it all just looked sloppy to me so I'm off to Bassett tomorrow to take a picture of the couch I've liked all along and I've been comparing everything too, and to order it. It'll take six weeks but if it's what I want then I should be willing to wait. Who cares if it's not here by Christmas? (I do) We can continue to sit on the floor plus, we'll have the two front room chairs because of the Christmas tree. I'll post a picture.