Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Halloween 2011

On Halloween night,  all of the kids fell asleep immediately, deliciously happy and exhausted.  Surprisingly it was the touching and sorting of candy that caused as much delight as the consuming .  We (James) carved pumpkins the Saturday before, while I finished up the last of the costumes.  Fancy eh?

053We visited Gardner Village too!  007

This year we had a Snow Princess, Dracula,  a Mariachi Dancer, Shark Boy and a Football player.  069068 



The Mariachi Dancer was a costume Addie and I worked on together.  I started the measuring, pinning, sewing of ribbon and quickly realized I could possibly still be sewing when Christmas came so I passed it on to Addie.  There’s around 100 feet of ribbon on the bottom of that skirt and Addie sewed on about 90 of it.  


Paige’s costume was one Addie used a few years ago.  Benjamin wore the cape my mom sewed for my brothers, vintage!  And it about killed him to put on a Sunday shirt with it.  After consulting Etsy I used a cereal box, spray paint, worn out sweats, and hot glue and Stuart became Shark Boy!  Here’s the shadow he showed me.  He wore the costume two days straight.  091

Additional notes:   

Isaac was going to be a pumpkin, but the costume was too small.   And then a lion but he just cried because of the hair/mane.  Football player was the most comfortable for everyone

Dinner was pumpkin soup and tatter tots.  Adults eat the soup and the kids eat the tots. 

We roasted seeds.  Hurray.  I ate them all! 

Best treat in the bags:   Full Size Snickers! 



James and I went to our neighbor’s Halloween party and dressed as tourists.  Note:  Fanny packs are not hot and ponchos are.   Until next year. 

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