Monday, November 26, 2012


Thanksgiving was at the cabin this year and we dined, on time, with plenty of the good stuff.  I left a cup of sugar out of the raspberry pretzel salad and I couldn’t tell until I read the recipe, upon returning home, and then I could tell.  The kids went sledding on the icy mud hill and the adults and kids did Eric Dowdle puzzles… (500 piece limit to tame the addiction).  The girls all made corn husk dolls before dinner, just like Laura from Little House on the Prairie.  They were just as fun as the puzzles & pie!  I ruined cousin time by getting sick and leaving early (& taking the whole family with me)…there was wailing in the car all the way to the Food Town and a red box snagged in Kimball Junction to try to appease.
James Mair hung lights on the house, did trim in the basement and finished our horribly addicting,  nature scene, 1000 piece puzzle.  I wish we could enjoy 5 day weekends with that guy every weekend.
Benjamin read the whole Old Testament illustrated story book today and then told us fabulous details about Baal (said ball), the Idol the Israelites worshiped and the finger of God that wrote the 10 commandments.  He’s a budding puzzle fiend too. 

Stuart, while riding in the car with me to do food shopping last week, asked: “Do you know what I’m thankful for?  Life!”  He loves mashed potatoes.
Paige provided all the Thanksgiving decorations courtesy of Mrs. Boeckman’s 1st grade art repertoire.  She willed herself better from a 104 temperature, in one day and powered through Wednesday’s half day, white as a sheet.  She is a puzzle fiend as well.

Adelaide made her mother and father hang curtains, shelves, clocks & mirrors in her room, items that have been sitting below their perspective spots for about a year.  It looks great!  She’s a little sick with a cold and headache but talked to me while I cleaned up the kitchen tonight.

Isaac only drops when output energy has been depleted.  He exclaims “Holy Cow” and always calls out “(s)Tuart?” to find where the action is.  He answers how old he is by saying, “seben (7)” even though he had a birthday and is officially 2!  I refuse to cut his hair until after our family picture and we’re not taking that until the next time it snows.

I got to go on a Glo-Ree-Us bike ride up Butterfield canyon.  The road was closed for the season to cars so Robyn and I had it all to ourselves.  We flew & froze all the way down! 

 I started reading this book French Kids Eat Everything and I couldn’t stop telling the kids all about it.  Some of the themes:  Meal times are relaxing, engaging, and at least a half an hour long.  Oui, we have a long way to go before we can move to France.  Price wise and efficient wise, this weekend’s Crazy 8 sale is better than thrifting.  I just budgeted funds for next year’s sale (thanks for the reminder Michelle).   I have some new recipes that I need to tell you about but for this Cauliflower Curry, watch Sara Carey and then make it.  Yum!  Sara from Memories from Clover Lane is spot on with the role of mothers.  You for sure don’t need anything else to read on the computer, but if you have a moment, I’d recommend some of her popular posts from the sidebar like this one and this one.  They have inspired me to go to bed (get off the computer) excited to wake up and be the mom in the morning! 
st. George 2012 018
Kolob Canyon, Zion National Park,  November 2012