Thursday, July 12, 2007

Water Fun at Jordanelle

We had a lucky Saturday of fun at Jordanelle Reservoir. The Linfords, from the old neighborhood, called up out of the blue and had some wave runners--and asked if we'd like to meet them for fun. I had planned to paint the front room but fun lake trips trump just about anything. James had a fun time with "Tippy" the purple one (not pictured). He took Addie out to the buoys and tried turning around and they both fell off. It was a while and bribery of green gum before Addie would go out and have more fun. They went on the more stable one, shown here. Ben rode in the tube and with Daddy on a ride where he got to drive. Paige just wanted to sit in the shade and eat rocks. She cried when I tried to take her swimming. Donna and Bevan came up too when their other water plans fell through. We think Donna and Bevan are awesome.

Paige's Birthday, Lots of Family Fun

These last two weeks have been so much fun. We celebrated Paige's birthday with a ladybug cake and cup cakes. She ate the head. She also started walking on her birthday--well she'd been walking a while it just hadn't been her preferred mode of transportation until she turned one.