Thursday, February 28, 2008


We went yesterday for Wild Wednesday and it was totally free. We arrived a little after it had opened, about 9:15. There were about 20 cars in the parking lot and it was like we were Daddy Warbucks and we had bought out the zoo. The Giraffes were really fun--there is the cutest little baby giraffe--but Ben moaned the whole time in the giraffe house, because of the smell. I had rallied my friend Jolynn for some cooperative parenting--and I couldn't have taken all four with out her help--so thanks Jolynn. We had a great time. Can you believe the shot I got of Ben? He was looking at the swinging monkey. I just wish I would have crouched down! It was pretty warm too. Ben left his coat in the car but remembered mittens. That's really all he needed.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Getting the kids in bed so I can snack...

...and update the blog. So last week I posted a regret about the duvet cover and shams. Check the auction--It sold! I think it was the shams that took the price way high, they are a HTF item (hard to find). She just paid too! This regret might have redemption! Hallelujah. What should I do with the profit? Around 40$? Maybe Easter dresses for the girls or a rod to hang the quilt? Whom I kidding--I'll be buying the dresses anyway-- A cool rod for sure.

Last night James and Addie went to a Daddy Daughter Dance at the high school. It was a Drill Team fund raiser. They had a lot of fun and showed me dance moves when they got home. They also had me take their picture because pictures were extra.

We went to Discovery Gateway on Saturday as a whole family. I'd call it Discover a rip-off if I hadn't heard about the "community exploration card" It's an experience you can "check out" from the Salt Lake City Library, and you can get in FREE--up to four people. So James paid $8.50 for Paige and we had a ball.

On Wednesday night I made 144 Chicken Enchiladas! My make ahead meals group traded on Friday and I have 10 meals to last until next month. Here's the recipe for 36 enchiladas or three pans of 12 each--make one, freeze two.....

In one bowl mix:
6 cups cube cooked chicken (about 3 lbs.)
2 cans rinsed black beans
2 cans tomatoes with green chilies (drained but keep the juice)

In a second bowl mix:
Juice from the chili tomatoes
3 16 oz containers of sour cream
2 cans cream of chicken soup
6 cups cheese (I like the fiesta blend)

*Lay out 36 8in. tortillas and portion out 1/4 cup of chicken black bean mixture on each one.

*Then top with a liberal tablespoon of cheesy cream mixture on each using only half and saving the other half for the top.

*Roll and line in a 9x13 pan or in a gallon freezer ziploc.

*Spread the remaining cheesy cream among the three pans or divide it into sandwich or quart size ziplocs to freeze flat.

*Top with two more cups of cheese each.

*Bake 350 for around 30 minutes. Just until bubbly.

Marisa and her family came up to the cabin for President's Day and we had a ball. I'm plugging the game Cranium Turbo because it was fun and sort of a tradition (James dis'd it the whole time but he was laughing and having fun like the rest of us). In this photo Kim, Marisa and I snow shoed up the mountain and took sleds to slide back down on. It didn't quite work because the snow was pretty thick and fresh. But we so enjoyed the serenity and calm the scenery and conversation afforded us. We had a blast pushing each other all the way down to the sledding hill.

We had a glorious President's Day at the cabin! I was so SICK but I stayed medicated the whole weekend and even dipped into Bevan's coke for a pick me up. Michael accused me of being a "social drinker" and how right he was. We were all a mess-- Addie had Roseola--a high fever and a funky rash and Paige had odd face spots that lasted for a couple of days. We took it all to the cabin and infected Kim and Ali so far. Leave a comment if you too got a Pres. Day souvenir from us. So sorry. This picture is Addie and James both with a leg caught in deep snow. Addie thought it was so funny she begged "take a picture mom".

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Two weeks ago I bought a new spread for my bed off of ebay. It was right at the height of the decorating surge and I was sure it would work. I didn't even blog it because it just wasn't right and I was embarrassed by my $137.50 mistake. I just relisted it along with a narrative that could make or break the auction. Check it out if you have time. Will it sell? Any suggestions?

Any one else have a $137.50 mistake that loomed over them before redemption was possible. Amber I loved your post about the accident.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mair kids wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day with mushy gushy kisses and hugs. Also an attempt at photos with natural light and no flash. I like them so much better. I'm also getting used to taking pictures on my knee instead of my kids always looking up at me.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Boy Is Five Months Old!

Here's Stuart just hanging out. He's so cute and still demanding I eat whatever I get my hands on so he can be full. He was FIVE months old on Wednesday so maybe it's a growth spurt. I fed him some cereal on Friday just to get him used to it--he gagged and gave me wretched faces. On Saturday I went to a shower for my uncle Mark's wife, Kate, who he met and married in 5 days! (no time for a shower before) That's a whole other story, but we stopped in to see Grandpa and Grandma Allen after. Stuart "reported" to Grandpa all that he knew and thought. Here is their encounter:

I love these grandparents of mine. They are the real deal. Always genuine, generous, and interested in everything you do. It was really fun to see all my cousins and aunts--Halla.

On Friday we went up to the cabin to sled--It was Addie's last day off track. Kim and Korrin from my ward came with their kids and Marisa and her crew joined us as well. The sledding was fun. Kim brought up some tubes that were fast, where the red sleds lagged because of the fresh powder. This is the most snow I've ever seen up there. TAckersons and Hawkins--you picked one heck of a year to live there. I thought I had the hill tromped down but then I'd sink to past my knee. I had my camera in my coat, I just forgot to take any pictures until I was bringing in Benjamin.

I made my necessary Dr.s appointments last week--all because I put it out there. This week my focus will be the laundry room. I keep the door shut but I'm going to reclaim the territory. Also it's Valentines week so there's sure to be some fun lovin' that will have blogging potential. Dang--spell check is still not working....grrr....

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Random February Events

This is what I've been doing the last few days. Lost in Jane Eyre. It's a winter thing becuase after Christmas I was super inspired to stay on the ball but January wore me out. February has been: read while the kids tear the house apart.....
If anyone has a the Masterpiece version of it, can I borrow it? I think I'll check to see if the library will be getting it in.

Addie and Stuart--I just thought this was a sweet picture.

We love trains and so does Ian. When he comes over we try to build a big huge track with a "branch line" for every engine and tender. Every one wants to be James, he has a smart red coat of paint. Do you speak, Thomas the Train?

Addie has been making crowns for the last two days so last night they acted out King Benjamin for FHE. Of course Benjamin was King and on his tower he told Paige and Addie to remember Jesus. See the tent? I have to give all the credit to James for these drama productions. I feel like I'm always holding the boy and by Monday night I'm exhausted and just happy sitting on the couch watching these cute shows.

I hope this gets a laugh. This is James' second job. If you can guess what it is you win, and can join us for mangeled pizza next month. hint: It's not delivery.

For my focus this week I'm going to try to not be too sad that Mitt Romney is not a possibility for president any more. What happened? What went wrong? He's a good guy. Now John McCain? I'm one of the ones that doesn't like him, with no real reason.

Now my real focus is going to be Dr. Appointments. I need to get Benjamin in to see an ENT because his tonsils are as big as the sun. Here's a funny thing about Benjamin--On Sunday he woke up very sick--with a real high fever. He was even still a little sick today (Tuesday). He is such an easy going sickee. He didn't argue or threaten or run and jump on the new couch at all. He drank punch, napped, and was a sweet nice boy. Of course I felt bad that he was so sick and medicated dilligently but is it bad to admitt I enjoyed him a lot? And forgive the spelling--the spell check is not working....