Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hours and hours and hours of “paint the fence”

Still painting but so close to being done. Here’s a photo of progress. Currently all the drawers are back on and the doors and drawers both still need one more coat. But the change was definitely what I was looking for. The island is the next project, then floor, then counters, then…

025 024

Benjamin had a birthday and he lost a tooth—He’s six now. He’s also discovered legos—where have I been? 001

Look at that nightmare of half painted doors, behind him getting ignored, while we do birthday parties and you know, real life.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Diving in


I’m painting my kitchen cabinets white.  I know my new years resolution was to obtain a new kitchen floor— so I’m a little off track—but I’ve debated it for almost a year and I’m doing it.  Maybe I was really waiting on the floor so I could paint the cabinets. 

This morning was start day—and I woke up with the biggest knot in my stomach.  At 5:00am no less (when I shoved Stuart into his nest on the floor—compromise).  I feel like I’m getting married again or having my first baby.  Excited but scared to death.  It really could turn out like this: Aaaahhhhhnnnnoooo (about half way down are the before photos)

So I turned to the internets because my confidence was waning and I found two new posts just today on painting cabinets with oils from Centsational Girl—the one I mentioned when I came out about my internet addiction (and  by the way I can still stop at anytime). 

Confidence was restored—I’m off to the paint store. 

The month of March is going to be dedicated to projects, that have been cooking in my brain for a while.  Wish me luck.  A good ‘ol before picture for you.

 IMG_2987 IMG_2986

Monday, March 01, 2010

Avatar—did you see it? Some observations and thoughts:

It did not feel like three hours.  Pace was great. 

It did not have a plot—I didn’t really miss it.  Kind of like Titanic—you just knew the boat was gonna sink. 

I was truly entertained by aliens, with feathery brains coming out the end of their braided pony tail. 

I used my coat to shield my eyes and ate a lot of jelly beans during violent parts.  And it is. 

The Tree of Souls is beautiful, along with night time and floating mountains.

Why does Hollywood hate capitalism so much? 

I have to give credit to our friend Jason, who stated the last one.   James felt that it was like watching a video game for three hours, yes but all in all not bad.  We did see it in 3-D and after, I would have been fine with out the extra D.