Monday, March 24, 2014

Movin’ on up! (the induction date please)

So the biggest news by far is that I’ve got one week!  This week, at my doctor’s appointment there was some pity glances (from them) of my gigantic state and whiney chatter (from me) of energy depletion.  Dr Lloyd said, “We’ll, I’m on call all next weekend, I could induce you next Sunday (March 30th).”

I talked it over with James Mair, who has his work “Go Live” on April 1st, and received a thumbs up.  I can’t think of a better Sunday activity than having a baby; having our own “Go Live” literally.  Hoo-Ray!  Come visit and see the new wee one!

Did you know we (try to) read the Book of Mormon as a family every night?  Just a verse a person before family prayer?  Well it’s fine but it usually comes with a lot of encouragement for Benjamin to read the words, the way it’s written, in a regular voice, in turn, etc.  This week he turned his book upside down and we’ve experienced the best fluency and cooperation ever, in fact all the kids have “flipped” (sorry) for the alternate way.  Can you explain this?  They could be bored…

Sharon snapped this of all of us watching the dad parody of “Let it go”.  family watching laptop Meredith came for a visit complete with delicious cupcakes, and her adorable kids.  Oh it was so good talk and catch up.  I wish I could have made bookclub and the grasshopper pie she made.  Thanks for the visit dear friend.  We broke into the model home next door for a tour and took a walk up to the park.  IMG_1966 Robyn made me lunch this week: a Hawaiian turkey burger!  Devine, and food just tastes wonderful when someone makes it and plates it up.  Fresh green beans…  IMG_1972 Diggers come daily to work on the yard and the entertainment is ideal for Isaac and Stu.  Who doesn’t love little backhoes and front loaders?  A painter came to finish up the laundry chute and I talked his ear off about paint.  (I’m pretty sure he could tell I hadn’t talked to an adult all day:). IMG_1969   IMG_1971IMG_1977  From primary, the kids came home singing this song.  I love the internet!  Isaac, burning a stick at both ends.  IMG_1985 James, the lucky guy, got to speak in church on Sunday.  His talk was stellar, living Gods will, and while it was a little rehash of the talk he gave a couple of months ago before we moved from Kamas, he used this quote from Elder Christofferson, whole talk here.  
The gospel of Jesus Christ is a plan that shows us how to become what our Heavenly Father desires us to become.”1
Sadly, much of modern Christianity does not acknowledge that God makes any real demands on those who believe in Him, seeing Him rather as a butler “who meets their needs when summoned”
A good one right?  I slip into this group all the time!  So, I’m approaching my prayers differently thinking of Him not as a butler (or needs-meeter, or please-complete-my-perfect-plan-with-this-blessing-at-this-time-for-this-reason fulfiller).

Also in Sunday School the teacher taught Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, not really, just Genesis in the 40s.  Where have I been that I never clued into the parallel between Joseph and the Savior?  The class made a huge list of types on the white board to end the lesson. “Jacob! Jacob and sons!”

Last night James and I had a great discussion about  Have you read anything?  I have a collection of others’ words that I like, I’ll work on a post with some of my own as well as links.           

Have a great week, we’ll see you on the other side of baby!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Conversations for the week…

At this week’s Dr appointment I was given a score of 1 for dilation and in the Dr’s. Words: "a lot lower than last week…”  James wonders how he remembers positions of all the babies when he checks their mammas…  I also heard some utterances of…“could come earlier than April 2nd”  Music to my ears but stress to the James Mair.
He’s been on a project for more than a year and it “goes live” April 1st.  Timing: we’re champs.  Speaking of which, the kid’s have spring break the three days before baby!  Yes, the Friday, Monday & Tuesday before I get induced on Wednesday (the 2nd)!IMG_1944At the non stress test this week, the nurse was Kathleen.  She was the nurse when I delivered Charlotte and we liked her so much we asked for her when we had Adelaide.  Haven’t had her since though.  Her words: “who would have thought to go through something like that, and now to be having your 7th!  Some births you never forget!” so true.

I’m at the point now where I look twice as big the next time you see me, and that could even be 10 minutes later.  Baby’s spine is running up, belly right, and it’s the left side that’s playing the game of twister.  Knee on mom’s bladder, elbow to the rib, now, foot to the midsection and streeeeeetch.   IMG_1952At “show and teach” in Kindergarten, Stuart taught the class how to make a Zoob guy and what he likes to build with Zoobs.  Stuart got these for Christmas (although I've seen the as low as $48)and we give them two thumbs up!  Hours and hours of building and creating.  I remember Benjamin really liking Legos at 6, but finding them frustrating, too—there is no frustration with Zoobs.  And they don’t get lost in carpet!IMG_1953IMG_1955IMG_1956[1]Paige lost a tooth and here’s an idea if you need it...Surprise dad with the news using a post-it on his bathroom mirror.  Works every time ;)IMG_1961Sharon flew away Tuesday morning after the funeral, but not with out being my life coach and forcing a menu out of me for the week!  Life saving.  Also a trip through my closet to reclaim what’s on it’s way out along with a new scarf from Downeast.  Excellent picks!photoWe hosted a progressive dinner on Saturday night with folks from our ward.  “I can’t believe you’re hosting?”  were words spouted without encouragement.  Let me explain.  #1  I have a brand new house, where nothing is broken, nothing needs to be painted or fixed, & my only qualm was the west sun that I battled with a shower curtain and duct tape.  #2  I’ve been in charge of these things before and no one ever wants to host the dinner.  It’s like asking for a kidney…#3  In 16 days I’ll be out of commission.  There won’t be dinners with adults and conversation all in the comfort of my own home for a while, especially where someone else decides the menu and buys it and drops it off for me to cook.  Can you say Cordon Bleu?IMG_1950[1]Sunday afternoons need three things: a nap, some baking, and an easy dinner.  Tonight: Neiman Marcus cookies—the recipe made 90—Thank you Vanessa for planting that idea.  If you need an easy & quick pasta dinner, make Pecorino Romano.  It goes well with asparagus and sliced sausage links from the junk store if you have any.     IMG_1939            From my Grandpa’s daily pocket calendar 2007.  My birthday is written in on the the 12th.  Yea Grandpa!  Still missing and feeling his mortality.

PS.  If you haven’t checked out there’s plenty of inspiration there of real people doing amazing projects.     

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The week when I felt a lot!

Charlotte’s birthday has really morphed from an emotional day to a day of celebration with our family—which is as it should be, I guess, seeing how it’s been 13 years and when it happened we could have never seen now.   Thirteen years since time started for us…BC & AC (before Charlotte/after Charlotte). 073
IMG_1917IMG_1920IMG_1921IMG_1923IMG_1924IMG_1926We continued our tradition of going to her grave and releasing balloons, although last year the kids each started keeping a balloon to tie on their bedpost.  Charlotte would have endorsed that. 
After which we took the Governor's reading challenge coupons to Chuckarama!  The kids ate their fill of fries, fish crackers, ice cream and Icees.  It’s been a while since I’ve been to a buffet and, well, pregnant, I broke my rule of no salad (because I can eat salad anytime and all salad bars are the same as my high school cafeteria with fake bacon bits and sunflower seeds so why waste precious stomach space on baby corn and ranch?)  It turned out I had been craving greens and crunch & being able to munch on something that is not necessarily filling, I ate one of everything from the salad bar.  One crouton, one kidney bean, even one pinch of hardboiled egg! And then of course a plate of protein…one meatball, chicken leg, slice of roast, ham, turkey, fried shrimp, etc.  A very awesome buffet experience finished off with a root beer float, as always.  IMG_1931
My beloved grandpa Allen died on Tuesday.       grandpa militaryWhen we celebrated his 90th birthday last fall I shared with him this endearing ditty from my childhood.
My sister and I were staying with them (we were young, like 7 & 8, or maybe younger) and grandma was cooking a casserole for dinner.  Early in the afternoon my grandpa took us to his office at BYU and we found a drawer of chocolate bars.  We helped ourselves.  We stopped by a bakery and picked up a dozen turnovers I think? we had one of those too.  He had promised ice cream so we stopped at Baskin Robins on the way home.  When we got home it was casserole time and Vanessa and I couldn’t touch it.  Grandma asked in only the grandma tone of love and scold for Grandpa that she had, “Les, what did you do to these girls?”  He was of course eating dinner and thought nothing of the progressive dinner appetizers we had consumed.  When I related the story to him at the birthday, he thanked me for the memory, since he didn’t have one left.  20130830_200548At the funeral my super intelligent brain uncle talked about how brilliant and humble Grandpa was.  How at the end when the dementia took away everything in his brain, what was left was his superfluous gratitude fueled by his humility.  At the end everything was “just so wonderful”!
At the funeral (Allen family reunion) I chatted with many of my cousins.  We all laughed how he made us each feel like we were his very favorite.  My grandma passed away 3 years ago and I was so very sad to see him alone, so the best thing about the last week is that he’s with her now, but at the grave site I felt the emotional release that they’re both gone!  I’m sure the pregnancy hormones and so many other emotions, that come with being in family units and how deeply we can feel, brought on the waterworks.  I really loved them both.  pallbearers
More memories:
  • Remember how he spoke at Charlotte’s funeral and how that talk was healing and hopeful? 
  • I was in the MTC (learning Portuguese and missionary work) and they were there serving in a branch presidency for senior couples.  My grandpa would hand off my grandma to me and my companion every week for the women’s meetings and we’d sit with both of them for the large general authority talks.   
  • He took me fishing one Friday after one of my weeks of being a camp counselor at Oakcrest complete with take out deli sandwiches! I fell asleep on the drive home.
  • He had a famous camp song about Mr. Mr. Jonny Rebeck and his sausage machine that always made me laugh.
  • They recuperated me after my appendix surgery in 5th grade. I stayed with them for two weeks with unlimited cold cereal, ice cream, and I Love Lucy reruns.
  • Trips to Albuquerque New Mexico to visit cousins. A root beer snow cone at 4 corners!
In other news, Donna came for lunch and helped me hang, haul and hike.  She’s super woman!  The park is the perfect backdrop for super slide boy and Anna girl!IMG_1933IMG_1934IMG_1935
Amber came for a visit and made us the best dark chocolate chunk cookie bars ever!  Thanks Amber.
We celebrated Donna’s birthday with Sharon flying in and hoagies and a snickers bar cake from Paul and Stephanie.

We hosted the Suttons for the funeral and this house can accommodate guests!  12 people on floor 2, 2 people on floor 1! Clearly I’ve been reading Bears on Wheels a bit much. 

James put up a mailbox and now we get mail!  A red one with a gold flag!  I ordered if from Amazon.  It came UPS.photoI had my first non stress test for this pregnancy.  Normal fluid, normal movement, proper heart accelerations and recovery.  Miracle!  The Dr. also scheduled an induction for April 2nd. 
“What are you doing on April 2nd?”
“Oh me? I’ll be having a baby!  Isn’t that just so wonderful?”

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Using the force and so forth and so on…

Isaac uses the force for every automatic sliding door we encounter.  He approaches the door and with umpire arm slices, says “force”.  The door opens and he’s very proud.  We’ve been in and out of many Rosses and Home Goods stalking rugs and window coverings.
Benjamin has been doing homework in the morning and it’s brilliant.  He knows he’s free after school if he gets his stuff done in the the a.m. and, thankfully, there’s an ending time.  He has to go to school. 
Stuart has been quoting movie lines and can jump between different flicks quick. Name these movies?  “Your mother was a snow blower!” “Mrs.. Graves, Michael went over the line.”  “There’s nothing a dog man can’t do, without a plan and a lot of duct tape!”  (Short Circuit, Monster’s University, Curious George)

He’s back to afternoon kindergarten again and it’s been wonderful!  He and Isaac play first thing after waking up, he’ll then read a Sam book and do a homework page and wraps up the morning with a corndog.  His class won a pizza party for collecting the most box tops and all of the kids had something to say about that, “And Stuart didn’t even take in one box top!” 

Sunday rolls raise on the bathroom counter, warmest place in the house. 064      IMG_1904IMG_1908 IMG_1909 IMG_1910 IMG_1912 
Family dinner at my parents home is always fun. Reading under-the-table-truths.   IMG_1914
This week the laundry chute was lined with sheet metal and the little door installed.  Having all the dirties show up in the laundry room is no short of a miracle.  If the clothes marched themselves into the washer, I don’t think that would help as much… 

Two date nights in a row this weekend.  We’re storing them up preparing for the future.  The Golden Phoenix is still a winner, best part is: never a wait!    

Krissy came to visit and brought gifts and brownies. Thanks Krissy!  She’s got pep, and our lunch was a feast of chatter and counsel for baby #6.  “Don’t do what I do.  You need to stay down.  Let everyone else take care of their needs, you take care of you and the baby.”  I’m going to staple that to my forehead. 
IMG_1895IMG_1896 IMG_1897
I spent the last day of the month hanging things in my house.  It was my February goal for Project(s)Connect.  (It’s still some of the best stuff on the internet!)  Donna came earlier in the week and hung up the paper towel roll holder and that really got me going.  The other most important thing was some curtains in the master bedroom.  It’s been a real fishbowl in there since we moved in!  046050051042
James’ nerve pain comes and goes and he’s noticed if he just doesn’t do anything to irritate it (lifting, reaching, standing still), it hurts less.  I’ve made a plan that he doesn’t lift anything for a whole year, we’ll have a brand new shoulder right?  He rolls his eyes and we watch the TV as it sits propped against the wall.

Shoulder pain did not interfere with hanging the 8 ounce Nest thermostat!James predicts he’ll break even with efficiency in 9 years—but let’s talk about convenience, the App is on all the devises in the house! 
The house is still spectacular (even when half the basement flooded on Tuesday) and we can’t stop feeling blown away, so stop by, come and visit, come see where we’re so lucky and blessed to be.  I’ll make you a sandwich!    

PS  We were a feature in the ward newsletter this month.  Here’s what was said about our little (biggish) family.  If you know us at all, it’ll be a snoozer but if you don’t, here you go! 
Family Name:  Mair
Address:  Centerville   For How long?  Valentines Day 2014
Parent's names:  James & Nora
Kids names and ages:  Adelaide  11, Benjamin 9, Paige 7, Stuart 6, Isaac 3  New baby in April

James was born in Tooele and raised in Ogden.  Nora was born in Provo and raised in West Valley.
James attended Ben Lomond High School and graduated from Weber State.  Nora attended Granger High School and Graduated from Southern Utah University. 
They met working summer jobs in Wyoming, at Grand Teton National Park the summer of 1993.
James graduated in computer programming and has been a developer for IHC for the last 9 years.  Nora taught 4th grade for a few years before kids.  She then ran a preschool in her basement for 8 years before happily retiring to have baby #5.

Activities:  Our family likes to hike, camp and ride bikes.  Every summer we camp in the "motherland" (Grand Teton) and then usually someplace in Utah too.  We love Bear Lake, Zion N P. and St. George.  The kids enjoy video games, friends, toys and movies.  James works really hard at his job but also likes game nights and a good hamburger.  Nora will ride a bike anywhere but after a year of being unsettled, she'll be happy to never leave home again.

Facts:  Every summer we host cousin week where our 5 cousins (all siblings) come to spend the week while their parents are vacationing.  In return our kids go to Idaho to spend a week while we take a trip.  It's a luxury that we're not sure how long will last but we've enjoyed it for the last 5 years.

We lived in West Jordan for the last 15 years.  We miss our wonderful neighbors and friends the most but are excited to be closer to family and the mountains.  Nora has a brother on the Centerville police force and James has brothers in Roy and Syracuse.  And we're confident we'll make new borrow-a-cup-of-sugar neighbors and friends here. 
PSS Prayers to my friend Jen’s husband who is recovering from brain surgery.  Love you both with a speedy and full recovery!

PPSS And a sad heart and prayers for my beloved sister Monica who’s passing through the sorrow and loss of a 20 week pregnancy.  Our babies would have been birth year cousins, and now just grief.  It’s heavy and hard and I’m so sorry.