Monday, February 22, 2010

Confessions & Opinions Needed

A few post ago I mentioned hosting a lunch and had obtained the impossible: “open door clean”. Well—let me just tell you how far the mighty have fallen. Try as I might I just wipe the kitchen counter now when folks come over and and thank heaven for doors that can close & the wallflower that scents my bathroom. I can hardly see to brush my teeth with all the spots on the mirror.

At the weigh in last week I was up two pounds. Shame. I should have been writing down everything I eat and I haven’t. My “plan” so far was to eat 300-400 calories every 3 hours. And then to really wait and not eat for three hours—so hard. Well pass the notebook (which I can’t find) because as I type this, the open box of cinnamon Chex is being rifled through, I’m picking out just the cinnamon covered ones.

I can blame the two pounds on five days at the cabin. I tried so hard to endorse the good food--I even took cottage cheese, but it didn’t get opened. Before we left I sat down with the kids to plan one treat for each day. They had them memorized, and in that festive atmosphere I was a gonner. Friends joined us for joy on the sledding hill and full stomachs. Anyone reading, if you got any pictures I’d love copies. I found my camera in the side pocket of my purse on the way home. I had packed it early so I wouldn’t forget it—I just forgot that I had.

We even built a snow igloo with Donna. I stopped at the Colombia outlet on the way home and found boots and snow pants for the kids for next year. What is with that store? I walk in and feel inclined to give them a ton of my money.

The Olympics are filling up the memory on our Replay (DVR). Anyone else recording with intentions to watch? Kind of like recording conference—so much coverage and all of a sudden I’m fascinated with aerials and Ohno. My observations: I want Shaun White’s hair. Never frizzy—and he’s always swishing it around. And what are the the ski jumping outfits made out of? A cross with spandex and foam? Imagine swimwear made of that.


Stuart has been falling asleep in odd places, in this photo he is so close to his bed face planted. He also has been crawling in with me in early mornings or late nights or any time really. I only really notice he's there when he floods or kicks, it is most unpleasant. Thoughts, anyone on keeping his door closed with the magic door handle on that essentially locks him in his room? I can’t do it yet but I’m getting desperate for uninterrupted sleep.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

A pictureless update and thoughts on a handout….

At the biggest losers weigh in this week, I was only down two tenths of a pound. Where I’m grateful that the direction was down—I can’t be all that surprised. We ate out at Carrabbas in Utah county over the weekend and the restaurant happiness just flowed. Good bread and grilled chicken three different ways. My favorite was the one stuffed with goat cheese….mmm. Thanks Holli and Phil, it was delicious.

I started reading The Indian in the Cupboard to the older kids this week and we’re all enthralled. Ben built a fort out of Lincoln Logs for Little Bear.

At book club this week we discussed Pride and Prejudice. We talked about it’s timeless themes: initial judgments, embarrassing mothers, and of course when rich men move into the neighborhood and fall in love with you. Timeless. Ladies, my month is always complete when you’re a part of it.

Last weekend I attended a women's conference hosted by the Stake Relief Society. One class I really liked was: Dealing with Stress and Depression. May I share Brother R’s suggestions, from his clearly manly (goldenrod colored paper, bullets, regular font, quartered with paper cutter hangnails) handout? These evoked a silent amen and a motionless head nod, or two, from me.

  1. Begin to notice your danger signs.
  2. Break the downward spiral. Start doing things you used to enjoy.
  3. Don’t do the same thing and expect a different result. (Perhaps my favorite suggestion. I’m still shocked with these results: creeping weight when I’m sleeping in and chowing, listlessness when I make little effort with the house or kids, no spirit when I skip prayers and scriptures)
  4. Take time to Decompress (I’ve never had a problem with this)
  5. Learn to love yourself by seeing yourself though Heavenly Father’s eyes.
  6. Roll up your sleeves and work
  7. Serve Others
  8. Examine and combat your “Cognitive Distortions”. (combating mental chatter)
  9. You are never totally alone. Jesus Christ is uniquely qualified to understand (Alma 7:11).
  10. Live after the Manner of Happiness (2 Nephi 5)
  11. Journal: Use the “Filter of Time.” (I’ve used time before, I’ve even coveted it)

His message was all about exerting effort and taking responsibility for our own happiness. I loved the frank and no fluff manner in which he spoke. I battled a funk last year around the end of March and it lasted until the end of May. It wasn’t too serious, I just remember distinct feelings of how hard and hopeless everything was. Everything… It got better and pretty much left when I started training for the Echo Triathlon (see #2). Some mornings, even now, when I wake up I’ll search for that specific feeling I felt last spring and it’s not there—Hal-le-lu-jah. But I’m concerned it could happen again so I’m keeping good old goldie close just to be sure. And even blogging about it so when I loose the handout, and I will, the info will be here.

Have you battled a funk? What number works best for you?

Monday, February 01, 2010

Heading to Anaheim?

We weren’t but my good friend, Holli, asked if we knew of any deals, because they are. Well you don’t have to ask James Mair twice to get his deal seeker finger clickin’ away. And friends, if you are heading there and you want to be close (with in walking distance) to a certain mouse attraction—here is an incredible room rate. At the Howard Johnson no less.

Click here to go to the HoJo forum with the info

The Entertainment Rate, well you probably already know, is what’s known as the “happenings book” ‘round these parts. Let me know if you go so I can squeeze my hinny in your seventh seat belt, or we could caravan….


And because I can’t get enough of these long lost, now found, photos, may I present? Nieces on a Log

PS—Did you see the third hour of PBS’s Emma? Nicely done eh? And that Mrs. Elton—perfectly cast and brilliantly played. Like I know what I’m talking about…I just wish it wasn’t installments but the whole 4-8 hours. The kids are off track and I’ve got some time.