Thursday, April 24, 2014

Adelaide is 12, and she and Baby Mac are gorgeous!

Adelaide turn 12 last week…a real humdinger and this number is so fitting for how much she’s grown-- I mean like grown a foot or two--changed--transitioned—transformed a metamorphasis that has dominated the last year, leaving beauty and maturity (and angst) in the wake! Impressive gal this one!    IMG_2131A super bonus is being able to outsource the burping, changing, swaddling and rocking to her and Paige!  002 011 013015The presents were 12 year old awesomeness, a doll’s hair brush, an S curl crimping iron, a maxi skirt, and a Ripstick.  After presents Benjamin exclaimed,  “Oh, I thought this was going to be exciting?! I’m out of here!”

Friends, Corinne and Elise joined Adelaide for an Arctic Circle lunch and Air Trampoline blue wristband bouncing. 

016 029 038 061046 050 Ice Cream sundaes rounded out the 5 hour long party!053The young women decorated the front door to welcome her.  Yep, she’s a Beehive!IMG_2112 IMG_2113     

So what makes a darling daughter seem all grown up? Makeup and a maxi, those thrown together and BAM, she’s not a kid anymore!  E.L.F from Wal-Mart is the Wet and Wild of this generation.  Economical with youthful colors.    064I was such a skeptic of the Ripstick, $$ for something that would probably sit in the garage?  Wrong, she’s all over it, ‘carving’ just like the you tube videos.  IMG_2142After the skinny deacons came to collect fast offerings, James exclaimed, “They’re are not ready for the Adelaide!”      067

And BABY Mac!  Here he’s hollering but it’s the proportions that kill me! IMG_2159Now that you’re done having kids, let me show you an awesome trick for changing the diaper of a newborn who is wearing a gown.  Snap that elastic bottom over their arms during the changing and they’ll relax like they’re laying out on a beach!IMG_2160Can you spy the baby? {FYI, the real adjustment has been switching to James’ side of the bed to co-sleep next to the co-sleeper.  Awk my game is all off!}IMG_2162The babe has just finished up a three day feeding frenzy.  As one who has oodles of milk it’s such a relief to empty!  Now he’s sleeping through feedings, and we’re back to the walnut vs. the watermelon attachment battle/dilemma.  Latching, tons of milk, gulping, clicking, re-latching; and then repeating.  He was a champ managing the Alaska and the Texas but now all he needs are a couple of upstate New Yorks (state reference chosen for dairy cow association;).IMG_2116IMG_2174

Everyone is ready for me to be back to where I was (present and ticking things of lists) before he came—everyone but me.  I feel like I’m now doing two people’s jobs and I’m okay with some house management slipping.  I’m relaxing around 4 hours a day feeding a hungry grunter and this cake is subsidizing the milk nicely.  

When my sister told me about this cake, I had to make it, and I’ve been making it for three years now.  It’s the one with the most (booty) added items possible: coconut, pineapple, nuts, carrots—however I did leave out the raisins this year and it was still perfection!  photo(1) This post is brought to you by Pagie’s slefies, that when all counted, are more than the rest of the photos on any given devise.  IMG_2126And next up, Easter and a two week growth update but first make sure you watch this This from Studio C about facebook!   I’m a liker…

Friday, April 18, 2014

Welcome Baby Mckay! Your first week of life!

You just had to be born and instant celebrity status was yours, well, in this family anyway.  009 015021 019  026 028 032 034 037   030You were adored at the hospital by many visitors, Grandpa Mair, Robyn, Krissy, Amber, Meredith & Kim.   IMG_2054 IMG_2056  IMG_2062 IMG_2059You look a little bit like Benjamin and a whole lot like yourself.022 We are all smitten, except your mother is just a little crazy in pain supporting your milk flow.  She’s strictly obeying the traditional post baby diet including the three most necessary food groups, Lindt, Cadbury and Ghirardelli.  When chocolate runs low, a spot of Tillamook ice cream soothes nicely. Flavors of the week:  Chocolate mudslide and Butter Pecan.  IMG_2053010021 

James adores and would rather hold you than do any house hold chore or duty.  Truthfully the whole family feels that way.  You hardly cry, but make your will clear,  through grunts, eyebrow maneuvers, and ghost smiles.  IMG_2100Aunt Donna came to admire and ended up stocking the fridge with a trip to the grocery store.  She exclaimed, “I can’t imagine shopping for six kids!”007You screamed through you first bath, and as per tradition you peed on all the clean towels showing your distain for bathing in a bathroom sink.  Mom’s just waiting for you to get a little bigger so she can toss you in with the big boys for group sudsing! 025026  030028  031 035 The weather has been just spot on.  Of course, on April 1st, the day you came home, it rained, snowed and was sunny all in one day.  We love you amazing baby boy!

More pictures soon.  Nursing is better now that the two week feeding frenzy has begun, Adelaide turned 12!, and we are feeling very spoiled with dinners and help in abundance.