Thursday, October 20, 2011

….and we’re back

Missed you. I know, I know, I was very committed to my record about 6 months ago and then I just dropped y’all. And what of my record? My scrapbook/remember-all/ journal? How about I start here:


Stu and James after the Ward Carnival tonight.


Ikey, who is now practically one.

002 003 004 012

James Mair and I rode a Ferris Wheel while listening to Sting (in San Francisco!). “Every Little Thing he Does is Magic” and Sting was pretty amazing too. What else…

  • I weaned Isaac a couple of weeks ago and I feel like the fog of feeding is lifting.
  • It’s almost Halloween and my kids are off track (summer vacation in the fall), for the next three weeks!
  • We just finished our turn with the flu. There were barf-bowls-a-good-and-plenty.
  • The San Fransico trip was a bonus trip for me, a work trip for James, but we’ve been planning a get a way to NYC in a couple of weeks. Nanny Donna is coming to save the day!

More posts to come of the last six months.