Saturday, November 27, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving delightful friends.

Isaac Scott is two weeks plus a couple of days. On Tuesday we went to the pediatrician for a check up. Dr. B asked me if the 3rd year medical student could sit in on the visit – not a problem. I’ve brought all my babies in for a two week check and it’s never been quite like this:

Dr. B started with the questions. Eye contact? yep, poop color? yep, arms legs moving? yep. He then moved on to the physical exam and orally instructed the med student what he checked and why. The normal 2-4 minute checkup was over 20 minutes and was filled with phrases like…

“I check the soft spot, making sure the plates aren’t peaked…that’s bad”

“check creases in the hands, it’s a sign of Downs…”

“straight spine, and nothing distending from the abdomen wall, intestines and such….”

“tags, extra toes, clicky hips, even digestive sounds…”

Dr. B was thorough; I sat in awe.

I’m thankful for a healthy baby where out of a 897 things, nothing is wrong. He’s perfect. So thankful.

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And how about this, the day before Thanksgiving we got a wee baby cousin. The storm blew in little adorable Anna Hawkins.

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Donna and Bevan said...

That would be such an interesting checkup! I like having med students looking over shoulders. More information is verbally exchanged and I end up learning lots! Good lookin' kid!

krissy said...

To have a healthy, perfect baby is a miracle!! He is adorable and you are very blessed!