Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Three Weeks Old

mantle boy

The decorator blogs had a mantle party today. 

Me, participate? 

Nah. We’re in the midst of a feeding frenzy.

And as you can see by that drooping long leg, he’s growing.

He’s a little too big for a picture like this.   

Disclaimer:  I only stepped away for 3 seconds and the shot is not straight because I thought for sure he would fall.  I had Paige ready to catch him and I had to crop out the pillows. 

Yes, I trusted Paige with my infant’s life.

Merry Mantle     

Bonus:  We’ve been listening to this all day.  I’d like to dedicate it to my two brothers, John and Tom, who can appreciate a random Christmas a cappella.   (it’s Straight No Chaser’s 12 Days of Christmas, like a million you tube hits in 2007, but totally worth a revisit and the 13 second commercial)


Miss M said...

Wow, you are one brave mama!! Great picture

Jennifer said...

The picture took a while to load, so I had already read the text. I thought the mantle party intro was just one of your fun musings, random, unconnected to the picture I imagined it to be, of Isaac on your ottoman -- you know, like where you often perched Addie.

Hoo boy, am I LAUGHING!! AWESOME!! Ansel would be proud.

Michelle said...

that pic is AWESOME!!!
It took me a while to realize that you put his name on the framed picture!
That is totally blog mantel worthy!
PS- he is darling!

heidivee said...

Hi Nora, I haven't checked blogs in a while, so glad I stopped by yours! Congrats on your beautiful baby boy. He is precious. LOVE the picture. Clever. :) Hope everyone is doing well.

Anonymous said...